Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The Horrid reports a police follow up on a "patched" Headhunter who purchased several weapons over several years but when Plod decided to visit, to revoke his licence they discovered a big "zero", he had disposed of them all.

That is a "loophole" HPDA, not the minimalistic non story you broke many firearms laws to lowlight.

How hard to be required to advise the local arms office of any transfer of a firearm between licenced owners, within say 14 days where Plod could have a computer program to read a standard form on receipt.

It is a valid question,  how long was the Northland resident deemed to be a "patched" gang member before his apparently legal Arms Licence  was to be revoked with the rather alarming discovery he had disposed of all the legally acquired arms.
A dealer still has to maintain a record of sales of even ammunition but  that is all rather impotent unless such information is transferred to a resource that can record and analyse it with due process.

It has always seemed rather strange that just when computors became available to process information on registered firearms that had been done laboriously since spears were overtaken as weapons of choice,  at every plod station by barely literate constables in an 'arms book,' such record keeping was abandoned and now is deemed to be impossible to reinstate.
As a legal arms owner and onetime civilian arms officer, who on renewal of a category 'E' Arms licence was required to sight and identify all weapons held by the Cat 'E' sanctioned person it would be a little onerous to set up a more robust system at renewal but not as impossible as might be imagined.

It is clearly far too easy for the bad bastards to acquire and retain weapons in the nether world they live in but here was an exploitation of the system that was all achieved under the existing law.

At the very least it seems to require a review..
Such a system seems to cope pretty much with another lethal weapon, the motor vehicle and as with that scenario it quickly eliminates all the compliant in any search for trouble  while giving a real opportunity to bring consequences to those who choose to act outside the law.

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Paranormal said...

GD, you've missed the real issue here.

The problem is not licensed firearms owners doing what they do. It rests with the police failing to do what they are supposed to do. Whenever one of their failings appears on the front page of the paper all of a sudden its firearms owners that are the problem.

Jan Molenaar didn't renew his license - where were the police to collect his E category firearms when it wasn't renewed?

David Gray had at least four firearms related complaints to the police against him prior to running amok. Where was the police response to that?

What you are suggesting is firearms registration. Registration is horrendously expensive and hasn't worked anywhere, both here and overseas. It is a costly failure. We might as well microchip firearms like we have dogs - o wait that doesn't work either.

Our enlightened firearms regulations require the police to ensure only fit and proper people receive a firearms license. Yet again the police have failed with this individual. Why is that other firearms owners problem?