Saturday, April 30, 2016


Don't do recommendations too often but yesterday the Veteran and Mrs Veteran had lunch at the Palms Bistro & Venue at Keri2.   Normally when driving from Paihia to Keri2 you turn right at the roundabout on SH10 and head into town.   This time we turned left towards the airport 500m and you're there.

Great ambiance, swathes of lawn, ponds, garden walks and you are surrounded by huge palm trees (not surprising because selling palms is the other half of the business).       But it was the food that we came for and we were not disappointed.   It exceeded expectations in spades.   You can access their menus here.   We shared the breads and dips which was a very generous serving while Pam opted for the open steak sandwich which was huge comprising two rounds of scotch fillet steak plus mushrooms, baby spinach, caramelised onion, tomato and cheese while I chose a 'healthy' caesar salad infused with anchovies (my favourite).    All that washed down with Stella and a very good sauvignon blanc.  

Total bill ... less than $90 and when I came to pay the lady owner on presenting the bill insisted I try a complimentary portion of their seafood chowder (scallops, prawns, mussels, fish of the day in a rich cream sauce) ... was stuffed but managed a taste and it was delicious.

We'll be back.   Their dinner menu excites and beckons.   The Paihia/Russell/Keri2 axis has many fine restaurants.   This is one of the best.   Unreservedly recommended.  

Friday, April 29, 2016


The media and their heros among the socialists are in a feeding frenzy similar to that revealed when the workers toss the meal into the salmon cages.

John Key's "personal" lawyer is involved on the edge of the "Panama papers".

Jack Tame sitting in this week for Hosking on leave, refers to those who invest in 'trusts' for whatever reason as "the sneaky keeping their wealth from the Taxman".

The reason many of the so called wealthy keep their wealth, "little johnnie green with envy" is because they are very careful and almost all are legal as the penalties for illegal can be crippling.

In the middle of last century I had a very modest little nest egg from sneaky behaviour where I put every pound, half crown, florin, shilling and even sixpence,  threpence and penny into first the Post Office and then when real riches came along in the form of ten pounds a week in wages, into "government stock" where I was rewarded for my generousity with 3.5% pa interest.

A few years passed and I ventured into farm ownership and cashed the resulting bonds.
Someone had been a very naughty boy and the taxman came after him for  omiting to give them their pound of flesh, hell I had already given the bastards almost free use of my savings, but that wasn't enough.

Another sneaky man nearly a quarter of a century later was to be seen continually circling the rubbish bins in central Masterton with cruddy pannier bags on an old bike and scrabbling the empty drink cans for scrap.
When that very private loner passed, his very modest council flat miles from the town center, was discovered to be crammed with a significant collection of fine porcelain and very expensive high quality hand tools that took several clearance sales in Percy's Auction Rooms to dispose of.

A rather ordinary man with a hair lip studied and becaame a very ordinary economist, he and his missus bred a rather above average son who through a series of very astute moves ended up selling an "E" trading enterprise to an international media  player for more millions than seemed possible.
Sam was a smart entrepreneur but a good portion of his dosh ended up with his very average sire.
Now the idiot media think breeding an exceptional son qualifies the hairlipped one as a "go to guru" on matters economic and I have never heard a word of critiscism as to how he accumulated his fortune, yet because Sams dad gives credible support to the socialists he is somehow immune from being designated a "rich prick".
Apparently John Key who amassed a fortune in 20 years of extrordinary hard work in  one of the most hazardous and fraught arenas can find no way to any form of amnesty from his success.
His fucking lawyer for gawds sake.
I sincerely hope his gardener never name drops that he trims Mr Key's Borders!!!

Jack you are Tame by name but pathetic by nature.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016


With less than two months to go before the Brits get to vote on whether to stay or leave the European Union I was fascinated by the statement from a Mr Pasha Khandaker, President of the (British) Bangladesh Caterer's Association, who said that immigration was affecting his chain of curry houses in Kent and "the standard of my daily life".

Mr Khandaker who came to England from Bangladesh in 1979 told BBC2 that leaving the EU will allow the UK to control immigration "nicely and we can all have a better life".

Perhaps the irony of what he said escapes him but you gotta larf.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Maybe MMP Isn't So Bad After All

Adolf has been reflecting on the many commenters who decry MMP and long for a return to First Past The Post.

Be careful what you wish for and consider the South Australian experience with FFP.

The last state election (Proportional representation and FFP) produced a hung parliament.  So, the Labour leader approached the skulduggerous traitor who was the recently deposed inept leader of the Liberal Party and offered him a cabinet seal if he would defect and join the Labour Party.

The traitor did just that and secured the treaury benches for Labour.

Never mind that the Libs got 53% of the vote and Labour only 48%. (from memory)

Such an outrage never could have happened under MMP.

Now you know why Adolf has not renewed his membership of the Liberal Party.  How could you work for an outfit which which was dumb enough to elect such a prick ass its parliamentary leader?


I have previously made it clear my belief that it will be a disaster for the GOP having Trump as their presidential nominee.

That aside, his clean sweep of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island coupled with the truce that wasn't between Cruz and Kasich (notwithstanding that the two are like chalk and cheese in terms of where they sit in the Republican political spectrum) and it ensures that while Trump may be heading to Cleveland a few tens of delegates short of the magic 1237 needed to clinch the nomination, his momentum is such that he can certainly claim presumptive nominee status.

If Cruz fails to win Indiana (and right now he is 6 points behind Trump on the RCP polling average) then it's really all over for the Republicans bar the shouting.  Forget about any back-room engineered deals to deny Trump the nomination.   Such a move would split the Republican Party and gift the election to the Democrats.

And on the 'Blue' side the Clinton machine rolls on although they must be getting hugely pissed of with Sanders who just won't go away picking up Rhode Island in today's primaries.   But the reality is that at sometime soon he's going to have to concede.    He's run out of time.  The numbers are against him.   There's no pathway forward for him to claim the nomination.

One would expect that with Trump's nomination confirmed there will be a semblance of a move by the Republicans to rally behind their candidate based more on their loathing of Clinton rather than any great enthusiasm for Trump who many in the GOP view as a stalking horse for the Democrats despite (or maybe because) of his ability to entice over into his camp blue collar erstwhile Democrat voters.   One thing for sure ... Trump ain't no Reagan.

While a week is a long time in politics and with the election still seven months away my prediction is for a Clinton landslide of AuH2O proportions with the Republicans limited to winning states in the South and mid West and not much more.

A final message to all those aspiring, young and nubile White House interns ... Bill's on the way back and, in the immortal words of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, ... 'It's hard to keep an old dawg on the porch'.


The e-mail below was sent to me unsolicited and unedited except for the writers name which I have deleted for privacy reasons.   No commentary needed from me ... but you don't need to hold back.   Particularly interested if you were there.

Good morning
In one of my FB groups (Ex RNZN NAVY CLUB) there are reports of City Councillors in at least two places (Hamilton and Carterton) inserting themselves uninvited into ANZAC parades - between the Flag Bearers and the Veterans Platoon.  Traipsing and sauntering (as opposed to marching) these clowns waved to the crowd and took many selfies during the march. In the Hamilton instance the Veterans Platoon almost tripped over the Councillors.
As you are probably aware - usually the crowds applaud and cheer the Veterans Platoon.  Do you - like me -  find it appalling that these cretins are soaking up the applause meant for Veterans (and probably believing it is for them)
Yours aye,
(name removed)
Warrant Officer (Rtd)


An increasing chorus is rising on the speed of the rebuild of the Village of the Damned.

Excuse me it will take a lot longer than the numpties who want it now, consider timely.

It took over one and a half centuries of action, reaction, mistakes, and success to build what we had prior to September 2010 and a hell of a lot of that was admired, resented , embraced, ignored and under constant change as time did its thing.
Remembering that much of what survived was created in the absence of the wet dreamers who inhabit City Planning today.

Some people with the resources and the ability to move sufficient people and resources to build something, just did it and if it was useful it survived, if not, it perished.

The CBD has been so changed as those who needed to remain doing business moved out to where they could continue to function in peace with parking and clients.
Having set up with a lease that needed some longevity to be viable they are mostly not about to re-enter the Wasteland so there is little pressure for providers to build commercial premises that could remain white elephants for many years.
A very active part of Christchurch pre Sept 2010 was an axis of rebuilt Cashel/High St and Manchester St to the East. Manchester st had a bunch of low rent niche shops able to survive in competition to The Whore House, K Mart et al, based solely on very low rents for premises so central due to the rather rustic conditions prevailing.
Now since "The Clearances", any replacement premises will be rent prohibitive.

Carman,/Russley/Johns Rd six years ago was a light use arterial that bypassed the City from SH1 at Hornby to the feeder to the Northern Motorway at Belfast. In 2016 it is chaos as the creation of a fourlane link that was needed in 2010 is now being created under duress while doubling as the main N/S central highway.
We keep our Mobile Home at a caravan park near Orana Park and in the beginning it was unusual to share Mcleans Island Rd with another soul, similar for Pound Rd that traversed the back of CHC international where many went just to "plane watch".
Now McLeans Is Rd is busy with trucks accessing concrete, shingle and dumping along with cars and utes attempting to find some free flowing traffic lanes, Pound Rd has been diverted to avoid the U-shaped four corners to navigated around the extended E/W runway, a Kilometer to the West and it is busy.
The centre of gravity for the City has moved significantly West and it aint goin back East.
It is similar for Halswell Junction Rd that used to be a moderately busy access for a growing industrial/ commercial area, now almost in gridlock as vehicles attempt to access the opened part of the Southern Motorway at Springs Rd.

It took decades for European cities to be rebuilt after WW2 and it only reached a semblance of completion in the 1970s, many of those who witnessed the damage to our VotD will not live to see similar reconstruction and what emerges will not resemble what was destroyed.
Far too many of those who had investments levelled have decamped to where income will start flowing and the wet dreamers in planning have absolutely no concept as to how their scrabbling to maintain "Control" has accelerated their departure as they dream on.

As one who did a successful course of study in Town Planning in a previous life, it is enlightening to watch the inadequacies and mistakes being perpetrated , even sometimes in error due to ignoring the lessons of history, as planners try to retain their pile of manure from which they strive to remain as they who know best what is needed, while so much of the funding that came from the Insurance sector drifts away to better and more lucrative options and they have no bloody idea why it is that way.


When every body is wearing a "Hi Viz" jerkin how will we know who to watch out for.
Do they really need to wear them in the pie shop, the Post office, the public toilets?

Do "they" wear them to bed!? Safe sex 2016.

Just asking.


The Horrid reports a police follow up on a "patched" Headhunter who purchased several weapons over several years but when Plod decided to visit, to revoke his licence they discovered a big "zero", he had disposed of them all.

That is a "loophole" HPDA, not the minimalistic non story you broke many firearms laws to lowlight.

How hard to be required to advise the local arms office of any transfer of a firearm between licenced owners, within say 14 days where Plod could have a computer program to read a standard form on receipt.

It is a valid question,  how long was the Northland resident deemed to be a "patched" gang member before his apparently legal Arms Licence  was to be revoked with the rather alarming discovery he had disposed of all the legally acquired arms.
A dealer still has to maintain a record of sales of even ammunition but  that is all rather impotent unless such information is transferred to a resource that can record and analyse it with due process.

It has always seemed rather strange that just when computors became available to process information on registered firearms that had been done laboriously since spears were overtaken as weapons of choice,  at every plod station by barely literate constables in an 'arms book,' such record keeping was abandoned and now is deemed to be impossible to reinstate.
As a legal arms owner and onetime civilian arms officer, who on renewal of a category 'E' Arms licence was required to sight and identify all weapons held by the Cat 'E' sanctioned person it would be a little onerous to set up a more robust system at renewal but not as impossible as might be imagined.

It is clearly far too easy for the bad bastards to acquire and retain weapons in the nether world they live in but here was an exploitation of the system that was all achieved under the existing law.

At the very least it seems to require a review..
Such a system seems to cope pretty much with another lethal weapon, the motor vehicle and as with that scenario it quickly eliminates all the compliant in any search for trouble  while giving a real opportunity to bring consequences to those who choose to act outside the law.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hide The Decline

The latest Roy Morgan poll shows National support has fallen but that doesn't matter much.  The real zinger in this poll is Labour's continued decline to a paltry 26%.

Of the three Parliamentary Opposition parties - Labour’s support is now at 26% (down 2%),

Unfortunately for Labour they can't cook the data the way climate alarmists do. 

Yes its only one poll but it is the one that Labour swears by.

The next TV1 and TV3 polls will be interesting. 


Viv Forbes at the 'Pickering Post' has a happy knack of expressing cogent demolitions of the current frantic diatribe emanating from so called educated minds and political opportunists up to their armpits in hypocrisy.
This one is right up there.

Any self styled Greenie intent on saving the planet needs a daily dose of Forbes before breakfast and be kept in solitary confinement sans all contact with the real world until they can score a modest 75% in a test paper on what Viv actually wrote.
If they struggle with the concept of Nuclear energy being the only viable source to extend humanity's lust for a better lifestyle while doing the very best for the environment then they should shoot their foot until it hurts as that is how thinking people beyond the seductive rewards from parroting the current garbage around the use of fossil fuels see the whole global warming/climate change/ peak oil/ peak coal rort that the avaricious power seekers are attempting to foist on a naïve world.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Maths And Probabilities

(From a comment yesterday at Kiwiblog)

You have to have some sympathy for the poor bastards on the left. They are being gazzumped on all sides.

Consider the mathematics of social welfare.

1 National has substantially decreased the number of people on welfare by getting them back into work.

2 National has substantially increased (for the first time in forty years?) the amount paid to the remaining beneficiaries. Note Clark and Cullen failed to do this when they were rolling in vast annual surpluses.

3 Ask yourself whether the combination of 1 and 2 has led to SUBSTANTIALLY LESS annual expenditure on social welfare? If it has, it is of great benefit to ALL NZers.

However, one must not ignore Labour’s similar achievements while in opposition.

1  Labour has substantially decreased the number of people who vote Labour or are members of the party.  This move has led to a massive reduction in the costs of communicating with members.  (Just a pity about the bloody overheads.)

2  Labour has substantially increased the number of people who think their leader is an idiot.  Here too, there is a silver lining in the offing.  If Little sinks below 5% PPM (that’s not parts per million) then the party might find the inner strength to sever its ties with the trade unions.

Keep an eye on the Greens.  They will be circling the Labour corpse like vultures waiting for its last gasp.   My guess is they will dump Turei after her extraordinary publication of pissed selfies.

One of Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei's selfies from the premiere of Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

(An acerbic Australian commentator wondered if the left’s unsated appetite for vulgarity will shortly produce the ultimate – cervical selfies?)  

If a female co-leader with more brains and class than Turei is installed, I could foresee some accommodation with National on genuine environmental policy.  That will be the stone end of Labour which then will be lucky to get 15% of the party vote in 2017. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

How Not to Kowtow (Updated)

Poor little Kevni Rudd has been running around in China trying to drum up support for his UN bid.

All to no avail, so it seems.

"Despite a degree of Chinese sympathy over his fading prospects, Kevin Rudd’s tilt at the job of UN secretary-general appears to have failed, short of him being drafted by a desperate Security Council if none of the nine official candidates can muster significant support.
His best hope might have come from a concerted effort led by China — one of the five permanent members of the Security Council — but there are no signs in Beijing that such a move is under way.
Official newspaper China Daily has published extensively on the race, without mentioning the former Australian prime minister as a runner."

Somewhere, there is an old Chinese proverb, "wise man never calls Chinaman 'rat fucker.' "

(Readers will recall Rudd memorably accused China of 'rat fucking' the Copenhagen climate bullshit.)

That leaves the Antipodean running clear for Helen Clark who has the necessary skills and experience for the job - namely an affinity with lies and deceit. (Just ask Peter Doone.)


Many of you will have driven across ANZAC Bridge in Sydney.   There is another, much older, ANZAC Bridge just outside Ekatahuna in the Wairarapa opened in 1922 to commemorate the sacrifice of men from the Mauriceville County.   You can see the bridge from SH2 a couple of kilometers south of the town.

In 1914 the population of the County was just 847.   There are six names on the memorial.   Reflect if you will the huge impact of the loss of those six men on that small farming community.   Was one of those men a potential All Black or a farmer leader or a captain of industry.   We will never know.   The same loss was repeated up and down New Zealand and Australia.   No community was left untouched.

There is no glory in war.   Instead we remember those who served and those who are serving.   But especially we remember those who never came back.

Least we forget.


Friday, April 22, 2016


I see that a new restaurant is about to open in London catering for those who want to eat their food au naturel with apparently 9,000 prospective diners having already signed up for the experience. You can read it all here

One wonders if sausages and melons will feature on the menu ... could lead to some confusion and one certainly wouldn't want some errant waiter/waitress spilling hot coffee on your lap.


According to the US Debt Clock here their national debt currently stands at $19.252 trillion dollars; the federal budget deficit is at $498.110 billion dollars while net annual interest on the debt amounts to $241 billion, the sixth largest budget item.

It has to be a worry that neither Trump nor Clinton has a plan to get US spending under control ... Trump promising to reduce taxes and Clinton promising to increase spending.   The corollary to that is that the US will continue to print money in the form of T-bills, T-notes, T-bonds and T-Inflation Protected Securites (TIPS).    Neither candidate has the gonads to do a Key or English and commit to a budget providing for a surplus which would allow for the paying down of debt.

At some time in the future China or whoever may well just say no to more lending and call in their debt or, failing that, offer/demand Alaska in lieu ... now that would really get Sarah Palin going.


If perchance Trump is the Republican nominee and should he beat Clinton in November, come January and this will probably be the first time in US history that a white billionaire will move into public housing vacated by a black  (gives himself a swift uppercut for non pc wording) persons of colour  family.    A certain irony.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Lead story on the TV1 news tonight and a pissed off Earl and Lani Hagaman are considering their legal options against Andrew Little over his claim that their $101k donation to the National Party was an attempt to buy favorable treatment for his Hotel Scenic Group in their bid for the contract to manage the Niuean Matavai Resort in Niue.

Further that they welcomed and endorsed the call for the Auditor-General to examine the contract process.    The A-G should heed their request.

But the real kick in the guts for Little was the revelation by the Hagaman's that they had previously been Labour voters ... before the Labour Party lost it's direction and moral compass.   Ouch and double ouch.

Little was not available for comment on these developments and left it up to his office to issue a statement welcoming the Hagaman's cooperation in his call for an inquiry.

This has turned out to be one huge clusterfuck for Little and both he and McCarten have much to answer for ... but I'm not holding my breath for Little to apologise to the people he has maligned.    Meanwhile Jacinda Adern and other Labour MPs sit and fume and ......... !!!!!!!?????

But you have to ask why didn't TV1 properly investigate the story before deciding to run with it ... or perhaps they did.

Updated .... you gotta luv this from Lani Hagaman in her call for the A-G to investigate the matter and in response to the claim from Little that the whole thing stunk ...  "I can assure the public that for us the only thing that will stink to the high heavens' will be the smell of roses which blossom from the fertilizer Andrew Little likes to spread around to gain his own notoriety" .... Triple ouch.  


Over the weekend I got talking to a friend of mine about the Courts system.    He has a story worth sharing.   A number of years ago he stood in the dock defending himself against some quite serious charges.   He did not qualify for legal aid as he is asset rich but cash poor.

At the end of the jury trial he was found not guilty on all changes.   The Judge, in thanking the jury, made the comment that he wondered why the Police had even bothered to bring the case to Court as it was so weak.   He commended my colleague on the job he had done defending himself and suggested to him that should consider a second career in law.

The case cost my colleague many thousands of dollars in lost earnings and almost bankrupted him.   There is no provision in cases of this sort for the award of costs.   To say that he is bitter is probably an understatement.

I discussed this with my good friend 'The Realist' who is a top lawyer and a Master of Laws (LLM).   He pointed out it was well established as a matter of public policy that costs are not awarded in the criminal jurisdiction as to do so would lead the Police having to embark on a cost/benefit analysis before deciding to lay charges and that could result in guilty persons going free.

I can understand the argument but the corollary to that is sometimes the innocent end up paying a heavy price to prove their innocence and one has to wonder if that is 'justice' delivered.


Or better still, maybe retire, you are too often just plain embarrassing.

As society becomes further alienated from  reality and  disconnect becomes the norm,  idiots such as Political Reporter Barry Soper need to rediscover how their shallow partisanship is white anting democracy when in fact they carry an awesome responsibility to be entirely professional.

Yesterday during the midday effort from Newstalk ZB that has replaced Danny Watson, Keree and her glove puppet crossed to "Barely Sober", currently on a junket with the Prime Minister in Mainland China. The entire thrust of his petulant, sneering, cheap effort seemed to be trying to act out a "KDS" denigration focussed on the basis that Max Key was accompanying his dad the PM.
That this was a departure from previous protocols is pure Bullsh*t, John Key has apparently been as good a manager of his domestic affairs as he has in steering the nation through some at times troubled waters and over the last seventeen years, you bloody moron, the only other PM chose to not have a traditional family life, opting instead for ascetic devotion to her goals of political attainment and only "married" in a suggested sham alliance with a supposed "safe" option at the instigation of her Party President, one James Patrick Anderton as a part of what he decided was an enhancement  to her public persona and therefore electoral appeal. Now I might have missed something but there was very little publicity of those tawdry goings on that went to the heart of the personal drivers of the lady who wished to be the political leader of the nation.

NZ  political history has too many sad incidents where political figures have suffered unusually harsh personal tragedies involving marriage breakdowns, tawdry criminal acts totally unrelated to the MP but become a national news story due to some tenuous relationship involved and by far the most tragic of those, the death of a MP's child in a suicide. It never mattered whether that sad outcome was in a any way connected to the "gold fish bowl" lifestyle that ensued but a tragedy it remained.
The cauldron that is public service for MPs, Mayors, Councillors, public servants and all others who undertake for what ever reason a task that most people decline to involve themselves in, brings a scrutiny that can too often be nothing short of cruel.

That the current Prime Minister chose for what ever reason to have his son accompany him and wife Bronagh, is of no moment Barry and as one who has chosen to involve yourself in an integral component of our democracy as a member of the "fourth estate" you should know instinctively that such information is not a part of your brief.
In case anyone thinks that I and others might be hanging out for such puerile partisan drivel to be delivered via the wireless, the bit of the whole tawdry effort that caught my attention was the very disrupted and disjointed production and delivery of the item, due I assume to matters well beyond the control of the technical people.

As a person who would walk over broken glass even to attend a "letter opening" if it was accompanied by 'freebies' and opportunities, your inability to distinguish what is newsworthy and what is just gutter gossip, yesterdays effort was a new low, even for you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Not Another Pandemic?

A new disease is ravaging the Australian population.

Symptoms include depression, continual waves of nausea and, in etreme cases, etended bouts of diarrhoea.  In other words, it makes people sick and it gives them the shits.

So far, reported cases have been limited to members of the Liberal Party.

The disease?


BTW I think he will lose the unlosable election. 

While Abbot made some gaffes and put in place sound policy, Turnbull makes no gaffes and has no policy.


When Tony Abbott was fighting for his political survival as Federal Prime Minister and suffering death by a thousand cuts from the lefty faction headed by Malcolm Turnbull he almost died in a ditch going to bat for the seriously entitled Bronwyn Bishop who was already creating an aura of hatred as Speaker in what was a Last Hurrah after nearly three decades in Canberra.
The dopey bitch called for a taxpayer funded Helicopter to ride a short distance to a Liberal Party fundraiser, a journey that by car was under an hour. Abbott in one of many miscalculations in his security of tenure gave her 110% support as the vultures scented blood , mainy Abbott's, who lost a lot of blood.

When the chips fell for Tony's last spin of the roulette wheel in the leadership challenge from Turnbull, guess who cast her lot in with the panic button pushing, pants wetting bunch of retards.
Well the cow got her beans on Monday when she failed to gain preselection for the Sydney blue ribbon seat of McKellar.

In allied troubles for the Coalition that will almost certainly go down after a single term on the Treasury Benches to another truly awful bastard in Bill Shorten, it just gets worse.
Turnbull and his bunch of traitors, who having closely observed the chaos of six years of revolving door Labor politics, first under  the sequin adorned narcissist Kevin (for 07) Rudd then a very wounded Union hack, Julia Gillard who was herself dumped for a twilight encore from KRudd.
Alas when Abbott finally delivered  a significant victory for the coalition, all that massive turn off for voters  was totally ignored as far as lessons to be learned and absorbed.
In a electorate seat only, albeit with a single transferable vote, system, Abbott's win should have delivered a two term government as a minimum but after two and a half years of dysfunction and factional infighting that only Labor had seemed adept at, Turnbull is heading for a disaster that will make what Abbott threatened as electoral damage, pale into insignificance.
To be fair, although winning well in the House, Tony Abbott was facing a blunt instrument of obstruction from a Senate. Almost equally divided between the Greens and Labour and The Liberal National coalition, the Senate was in the hands of eight "cross bench members, some dropouts from main parties but a bunch of tyros three of whom parachuted into the very centre of legislative power on the coat tails of ex Liberal Party member and serious  Abbott hater, Clive Palmer.
Palmer who won the Queensland federal seat of Fairfax in the lower house after spending an eye watering sum of money mined from his controlled Queensland Nickel company, managed to bring into the Senate, an ex Rugby League Prop Glen Lazarus,  an Airhead from Tasmania Jackie Lambie and a Mr Wang from WA who in cahoots with a Petrol head from SA, Ricky Muir who came out of left field  in the absolute  mess of porridge that is Senate list elections, this bunch in the total thrall of Palmer managed to assist the GP/ Labor bloc to stymie everything Abbott tried to achieve. That said  Abbott outfit's efforts to massage anything through the upper house were tawdry at best and they failed almost totally.

Andrew Bolt at the Herald Sun has a photo montage of the Liberal Party traitors and as of Sunday 25% of them have either been forced out at preselection or have had their careers severely dented and the list is growing.
Not yet known is how many of the Pants Wetters who went for Turnbull, including  The ten who switched at the last moment to get the dry lefty over the line,  will still lose their sinecure with what is increasingly looking like a total reversal at the ballot box now brought forward by months,  in what is increasingly appearing as a "double dissolution"  in July. The other problem for Turnbull and his bunch of the Damned is they have handed their opponents a very long campaign with the polls all going in the wrong direction
Remember when  a very drunk Muldoon called for his inevitable demise in a winter election that saw Lange get his big chance.

" Those who choose to ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat them" !


TV1 was suckered in last night by the Labour Party to promoting the story that Earl Hagaman, founder of the Scenic Hotel Group, has made a $101k donation to the National Party in return for the Group being awarded a contact to manage the Niuean Matavai Resort which has been heavily funded by the New Zealand government.

If true, this was corruption at the highest level.   At the very least heads must role.

For those of you who haven't been there (and not too many have) Niue is a small volcanic island 2,400k NE of NZL.   It has a resident population of less than 1,200 (about the same as Reefton).   It is a self governing State in free association with NZL who manages its diplomatic relations.   It has few natural resources and no harbour.    It is heavily dependent on NZ aid money.     About the only standout thing about the country, apart from a certain wild beauty, is the number of churches which, at my last count, worked out at about one for every 55 persons on the island (and that's a sad story in itself with each church competing with its neighbour for souls and dosh ... I digress).

About the only thing Niue has going for it is tourism and to that end the NZL government has, at the request of the Niuean  government, invested some 7.5m in aid money towards expanding the 'troubled' Matavai Resort with the Scenic Hotel Group being awarded the management contract.     The Group denies any link between the donation made by Hagaman (in a private capacity) and the awarding of the contract which was the responsibility of the Niuean Tourism Property Trust whose members are appointed by Minister McCully.

This is where it gets interesting and a little uncomfortable for Mr Little.   The trustees comprise our our High Commissioner to Niue, a Mr Ross Adern, the Deputy Secretary for Foreign Affairs and our past High Commissioner to Niue, Mr Mark Blumsky, who is lives in Niue and is married to a Niuean lady.  

Mr Adern, for those who may not be aware, is a former police officer and, more importantly, is the father of Labour MP, Jacinda Adern.  

So, Little is calling into question the integrity of the father of one of his own MPs along with that of the Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs as well as Mark Blumsky, former High Commissioner, former Mayor of Wellington and former MP in suggesting they were somehow influenced into awarding the contract to the Scenic Hotel Group.

I guess all's fair in love and war but I'm not sure the Adern family will see it that way.  

p.s.   I support the call for the Auditor-General to investigate to matter just to prove Little is crying wolf yet again and on the basis that when he actually finds a real issue to bleat about no-one will believe him.

Monday, April 18, 2016


Last evening Dr Robyn Toomath has relaunched her valuable  work focus with a book.

Long since a go to for health and illness with some emphasis on obesity the good Dr was a centre piece for the latest Media Party assault on Sugar.

Now some people are predisposed to obesity, I recall in early memories, Queen Salote of Tonga in the "Auckland Weekly" that we got a week after Ned Baker who was in fact a 'dinky' in post war times with no kids to mop up spare money and could afford the largely pictorial weekly that gave imagery to the news c1950. After we had read them they were bundled up every month and posted on to Ned's rellies in UK for their edification on matters colonial.

I digress, the posted pictures of the Queen of Tonga were of a very large woman,  she was a significant memory.
With zero understanding of Tongas place in my emerging conscious awareness, she was merely the equal of my monarchs, Elizabeth nee Bowes Lyon, the imperious and stately Dowager Queen Mary and next in line our present monarch Lillibet.
None of them seemed so big physically but Salote, well she was big,  and  6foot 3 inches tall.
Now it is acknowledged that Pacifica peoples have a serious predisposition to being fatties with morbid obesity a massive health issue. Many very fit pacifica athletes and even caucasians are obese on accepted BMI's
All Polynesian peoples seem to be afflicted and their exposure to dietary mores here in NZ make that predisposition so much worse. 

Diabeties, heart disease, circulatory and breathing constraints and the growing problems around seat sizes and weight issues for emergency services let alone early death, all point to the seriously growing problem, pun intended.
So Fast food, laden with fats and sugar,  sugar laden soft drinks, increasingly sedentary lifestyles that are the bane of many from all ethnic  entities who are suffering degrading health status, become the target for the food Nazis and a very convenient diversionary cause

Last night the Media Party launched another attack on "Big Sugar' with proposals for the silver bullet in the form of a "TAX" on soft drinks, no mention of energy rich sweet foods where almost all the energy is "Sugar", no mention of breakfast serials (just read labels), no mention of the many sauces and spreads that are scary when analysed, just the never mentioned by brand name drinks: Coca cola, Pepsie, Fruit juices,  energy drinks,  referenced by implication and evidenced by much of the litter along roadsides

What a crock, to be effective such a tax would need to be levied at eye watering rates that would create a veritable raft of accompanying problems.
Will the Tax be levied on the drink volume, the unit product, wholesale/retail,  the sugar content.
Will the sugar be taxed as the raw component, if so the inflation figures will be a biggy as such a tax will cause massive increases in retail pricing across all supermarket aisles.
Will the dairies that proliferate near schools be moved further away and will compensation be payable.
Will there be a limiting of fast food outlets, again will there be recompense for commercial losses.
Then there will be the unintended consequence of creating a higher value and such product will be added to the targets for thieving and burglary even to the point of robbery should a weaker citizen try to enjoy a 'coke' on a street.

Then there was the central plank in the good Dr's theory, abandoning personal responsibility for the problem and expanding such control to "Collective Responsibility", allowing significant impacts on the personal rights of those who are not deemed "Fat bastards". The Gin and tonic will not only suffer the rising tax imposed as a revenue gathering exercise on the wet dreams of wowsers such as Selman et al in alcohol imposts but the humble tonic with its Quinine and sugar that gives the wonderful flavour and the hint of blue, will be taxed in a vain attempt to stop some fat bastard drinking cheep coke.
If Toomath's idea gains a foothold will that mean a well intentioned skinny prick   be empowered to tell the fat bastard loading their trolley with litres of coke, they are in contempt of the new Collective Responsibility rules. What could possibly go wrong.

My earliest memories include the "Ration Books" that were a remnant of government attempts to control sugar consumption during WW2. That worked really well for the honest and the patriotic while a minority made hay in a black market along with meat, petrol and other essentials of life similarly constrained.

Alcoholics drink too much booze, Smokers inhale too much smoke, some religious adherents pay too much dosh to their church, fatties consume too many calories.
Many make poor choices and are left to consider what they have wreaked, it seems a little unfair to Tax My Gin and Tonic indulgence to solve their problem.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


When Kelvin Davis went up against Hadfield I welcomed what seemed a hell of a better option, how I was disappointed.

This apparently white enough to be non Maori regular bloke seemed the answer to everyone who wanted better  things for those on struggle street in the North. Toss in a couple of predictions that he was the future of Maoridom and even a potential possible NZLP leader and I and many others were hoodwinked.
With the 'Hydra from Hell' financed by a Finnish overstayer that gathered assorted moronic far left coat tailers in a massive bribery and corruption assault on democracy  that all depended on Hadfield holding Te Tai Tokerau,  Kelvin  Davis was indeed the White Knight.
Truth was he was just another big ego who knew nothing else apart from a State Funded  Sinecure in any guise available

Many overlooked or maybe chose to ignore, Kel was a Maori, a school teacher, an imbedded socialist and as time passes just another dumb union supporter in the moron(ey) mode. Sheesh some even mused if Kel was in the right party.

He reached his zenith in spite of scrutiny that accompanies a new MP, and in the case of socialists that is very complementary and consists largely of whitewash, by going up against the "shock horror" of inmates in a remand facility apparently enjoying an extension of their inherent thuggery  by indulging in a "fight Club" at the Mt Eden remand facility.
That it was run by Serco, a UK based contractor was incidental if what was published in the MSM was to be accepted at face value.
Of course with the passage of time where other acts of violence and self harm have manifested as deaths and maimed in State run facilities that just happen to be under the jurisdiction of Unionised PSA members, are all but ignored.
The truth has emerged for all but the most retarded due to Kel's crusade ending at the gates of Serco run Prisons.
Whaleoil has a very serious condemnation for "Good old boy Kel" who has to be just another failure for Nga Puhi to ever gain any sort of transition to successful New Zealand citizenry c21st century.

Proof indeed you can fool some of the people some of the time, but_ _ _ _?


0900 Sunday 17th Akaroa boat trailer park around 250 meters to run for the  public bogs.

Maybe they needed the peace and quiet the little no camping sign offered.

Welcome to New Zealand, tell your friends, the freedom camping capital of the world

Saturday, April 16, 2016


I made passing reference to this in an earlier post but the absolute hypocrisy exhibited by Andrew little and Trevor Mallard along with all the accompanying nudge, nudge, wink, winks from the rest of the retards in the Labour caucus in trying to link John Key with tax fraud encourages me to to go the full Monty on this.

It is perhaps delicious irony that Labour's attack should be orchestrated by Little's Chief of Staff, one Matt McCarten ... the same Matt McCarten who, as Head of the Unite Union, engaged in a not too friendly discussion with IRD regarding $130,000 (sans penalties) which included $36,000 in tax deductions from employees salaries/wages which 'he' failed to pay over.   In addition the Union was tagged for another $57,630 in GST payments which they failed to remit to IRD.

And McCarten's response was that he made the choice to fund Union campaigns rather than clear the debt ... "I don't shy away from these decisions, I make the calls".

Perhaps this was the reason why, after making such a song and dance over the Panama Papers and trying to link the PM into the scandal on Tuesday and Wednesday, it all went deathly quiet from Thursday on ... the realisation that people in glass houses etc.  

The only MPs in Labour's caucus with a grin on their faces come Friday was a certain Cardy wearing gentleman from Wellington and his little helper, that apostate whisky loving ex-Mormon from Auckland.  

Yes, I know the BBQ season is just about over but ......

Friday, April 15, 2016


This one caught renting out rooms in 'their' $1.4m HCNZ home in upmarket Freeman's Bay ... you can read it here

Anyone want to bet that the person involved declared the income in his/her tax return?  .... and pigs fly too.

One suspects a 'come to Jesus' talk with IRD awaits.


So the leader of the opposition, until now anyway, does a dramatic here's mine, show me yours empty gesture in Parliament, so what.

Five years income from a couple of troughs revealed in tax returns that a year 12 student could have garnered with a few minutes at a keyboard, and the dopey prick wants a total revelation of the contents of a Blind Trust that every successful person must create to be compliant with the law around conflicts of interest if they wish to become a MP.

The scary fact that after years of above average income initially from his fellow unionists and subsequently as a List MP and he reveals nothing , nada, zip, around accumulating any assets that could subsidise a retirement that under current performance will come sooner rather than later.
Ok it could be assumed he will have jumped in to grab the bait subsidy that accompanied the launch of Kiwisaver.

Now Mr Dumbarse Moron not only is there a large target for Tax avoidance that threatens to be ruled evasion in a current legal skirmish for APN,  the employer of many of your current cheer leader squad masquerading as journalists, what about NgaiTahu.
As a commercial entity with well over a BILLION dollars in assets they are inexplicably listed as a "CHARITY" when the vast majority of the activity financed by gifts from a seemingly complacent taxpayer, is pure commercial activity that enjoys monopoly advantage along with that nonsensical charity status.
Whalewatch Kaikoura, Shotover Jet,  massive land holdings from the disposal of Public assets, eg Police building in Christchurch CBD and ex  Railway lands along Blenheim Rd, plus the serious acreage from forest land ex NZ Forest service including Balmoral's twenty five thousand acres and Eyrewell's twenty thousand acres, all potential arable/grazing on the north banks of the Hurunui and Waimakariri rivers.
All beyond the Taxation system that acts as a serious impediment for growth for those not deemed "Special".

Forget trying to smear Mr Key with your amateur dramatics, he is far too astute for such rubbish.
How about bringing the ultra thuggish Mallard down to size before the open season commences in a couple of weeks for starters then maybe bring Ngai Tahu and the other Maori golden rorts to compliance with the laws that govern all other New Zealanders with maybe allowing a charitable arm that will resemble other registered Charities, now that could be the  "GAME CHANGER" you and all your predecessors have been fruitlessly searching for since Mr Key threatened the only NZLP 'Leader' of the 21st century, over a decade ago.

Here's another starter for ten!
Instead of going after Partnership Schools that apparently bring success for educational failures delivered from the comfort zone of your Teacher Union mates, maybe you need a similar free enterprise learning opportunity for the NZLP's current leaderless bunch taking money under false pretences.

You, Mallard, and indeed the whole bunch of residue of a once almost great NZ Political Party are just an embarrassment.