Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Hands that are increasingly being stained with the blood of the innocent.

As the largely nominal Christian states of Europe struggle to contain the descending mantle of mayhem, violence and murder, often leading to the slaughter of innocent non combatants, political leaders of almost all of the target states with the assistance of a demonstrably incompetent MSM persist with their incomprehensible notion that it is not Islam to blame.

Over Easter in predominantly Muslim Pakistan, a few Christians gathered in a public park to join together for a picnic and to mark what is arguably the most important date of the Christian Calendar.
An alleged member of the religion of peace strapped on what is becoming the ultimate symbol of the ultra faithful, wandered into the gathering and detonated his 2016 garment, killing an estimated seventy, largely women and children. I say estimated as these murderous bastards are not content to just kill their targeted infidels they are seeking increasingly destructive devices that leave investigators an almost impossible task of any accurate body count.
Another "lone Wolf" I am guessing.

In Scotland a well regarded Muslim store operator was killed after posting Easter greetings to his customers on Facebook and on his shop windows.

The recent bombings and thwarted efforts in the European Capital Brussels that are  linked to the Paris killings earlier, have authorities using Water cannons to dissuade demonstrators protesting the outcomes of Islamic terror in what was a once peaceful and beautiful city, thousands of our forefathers died to deliver from German conquest twice in the twentieth century.

Yet it is only a handful of leaders, elected and pretenders of the so called Free World who raise their voice in anything resembling condemnation of Islam. Ask yourself how many mass killings would those once proud independent nations be confronting if the clerics and all too often Islamic states were not intent on spreading their disgusting and locked in the dark ages religious fervour to the old Christian world.

Does anybody know of an instance where a head honcho of an outpost fort of Islam dedicated Friday prayers to a call for an ending of the slaughter of innocent non Muslims as a first step in the modernisation of the beliefs that have been unchanged since the murderous prophet declared them to be the truth nearly one and a half millennia ago.
I use the descriptive "fort" as that is what a Mosque is in reality.

When will a  Churchill,  a De Gaulle, a Eduard Benes or a Kurt Schuschnigg awaken to the true threat that is facing European democracy, conquest.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear and the world wonders why the Trumps of this world come forth.
When you can be arrested in Britain for asking a question of a Muslim woman, but as a Muslim preacher you are free to spout threats against westerners , it's time for a change.

Anonymous said...

'... a call for an ending of the slaughter of innocent non Muslim ...'

They can't because the teachings are clear that this is acceptable and a requirement to bring about the caliphate. Until we have a frank discussion about the teachings and how you interpret a command to kill Jews, Christians, non-believers etc... in a way that shows the word of god doesn't means this and is therefore flawed and in fact the Koran is the rantings of a violent nutter we are going nowhere.


Anonymous said...

Have you any idea of the slaughter that white Anglo Saxon protestants have inflicted on the people of the Middle East and North Africa GD?

Of course not you shut your eyes to the crimes committed against the people of Iraq, Yemen and Libya, Somalia, Mali and Sudan etc

This migration crisis has been engineered, by whom I don't know, though one suspect who is almost certainly complicit in it is Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan

But the good people of American occupied Europe who have lost their will to live and abandoned the Faith of their fathers will be replaced because they murder their children in the womb, their men marry other men etc

“All the peoples who have turned away from God have disappeared from off the face of the earth,” St Matrona of Moscow, 1941 who predicted the Fascists would not take Moscow and would be eventually defeated

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 1.18

Of course you must be a left footer.

Worse, a fundamentalist who believes the Bible begins and ends with the book of Leviticus.

Anonymous said...

More unresearched nonsense from GD. Muslim clerics have been speaking out for years just google the subject before you go itno hate mode.


Lord Egbut

Noel said...

Don't upset yourself GD. Jonkey has people with 24/7 eyes on the 40 Muslim who are a threat here. What's the total of personnel in NZ spie agencies? 1000? You do the maths because I can't figure how he's doing it.

Anonymous said...

Noel. GCHQ "spy station based in Cheltenham UK (Google it) has a large but unspecified numbers of people on the payroll who are of the Muslim religion.

Most of the high profile arrests have come from information given by the Muslim Community. There is a big difference to belonging to a religion and being a wild eyed fundamentalist. It's posts like GD's that are the problem because there are always mugs out there who know no better and lap it up.

The bottom line is that Muslim fundamentalists have killed ten times more Muslims than Christians and the main killer of Christians is armed white male Christians.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

More unresearched nonsense from Legbut.

"... and the main killer of Christians is armed white male Christians...."

In which countries or regions? Indonesia? Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria?

Quoting the Huffington Post and claiming accuracy????????????????????

Still waiting to see your 'research' on that fantastic compound, odourless 24D.

Anonymous said...

USA....11,000 killed (2013) by guns usually wielded by white christian males.

You obviously have not googled "24D odourless" and read the associated papers.

You are just being spiteful and irritating with these posts and as much as I would like to engage in a battle of wits with you it against my principles to fight an unarmed man.

Lord Egbut Nobacon