Monday, March 14, 2016


Last weekend Paihia/Russell/Opua was overrun by 'bikies' from all over NZL and beyond when the Harley-Davidson Club came together for their 2016 'Iron Run'.

With 2,000 registrants you couldn't move in town for bikes and bikies.    From an outsider perspective the participants appeared to be enjoying themselves helped by some really superb weather.    Certainly the bars and restaurants were packed to capacity and beyond and there would have to be some very happy 'mine hosts' come the time to count the takings.

No behavioral problems so, credit where credit is due.   Well done the 'Club'.
Understand next year and it's Queenstown.


Johno said...

Sounds like not much came of the Hell's Angels poker run either:

Anonymous said...

The Harley crowd ain't what they used to be. A middle age accountant in black attire on an antiquated heap of crap is still an accountant.