Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trump Stalls

Sanity appears to be prevailing amongst Republican voters.

Cruz had some excellent wins in todays primaries.  The gap is closing.  Only 33% of Republicans are voting for Trump.

My pick now is that the Republican rules committee will announce that candidates who have dropped out may direct their delegates to the remaining candidate of their choice and Rubio and Kasich will back Cruz.

Cruz. can beat Clinton but Trump is unelectable.

If Clinton defeats Cruz, so be it.  More fool America. Much better for the party than putting up a shyster and fraudster.


David said...

There is no one left in the GOP Clown Car who would make a decent POTUS. This is what happens when you let the tail wag the dog. The GOP allowed PAlin a seat at the table, they accepted and appeased The Tea Partiers who had nothing to offer except ...? Well, I don't know what, except they don't like government except for when it inserts itself in women's vaginas. And, as if the Tea Partiers (remember Cruz and the "shut down") were not enough, they have now let Donald Drumpf in to the Clown Car, a man who hates immigrants, except for when he marries 1,2,3 or more of them, except when they work "off the books" at his resorts.

The GOP has allowed itself to be destroyed from within, and their only hope of salvation is a Clinton win that will buy them time to evict the squatters and return to a party of (albeit bwrong) principles.

Nick K said...

I'd rather Trump than Cruz. Cruz's evangelist approach to every policy is scary.

But I'd never vote for either.

David said...

Yes Nick, a lot of US pundits state Cruz is running to be Pastor in Chief. Someone who believes in end times theology is a very dangerous person to have the Nuke Option at his finger tips.

The great thing about Cruz is that the GOP hate him, women hate him, minorities hate him and he is about to learn god also hates him when he fails to win the nomination.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


And of course they wouldn't be Democrats now, would they?

JC said...

Cruz was always the pick of the bunch despite his poor likability. He has a clear view on separation of religion and state, goes after the crony capitalists and champions the Constitution and less big government.


Anonymous said...

Anyone would be better than Clinton. A woman with no moral compass apart from a naked thirst for power is not my idea of a President.

Also if the FBI decide to throw an indictment or two her way it will put her out of the running.

I don't like Trump - though some of the things/policies he has said makes sense he comes across as an unthinking flake again with no moral compass.

Say what you like about Cruz I can't see him being any worse than Clinton or Trump.


David said...

JC, Cruz is a Christian Dominionist. He believes the 1st Amendment applies only to Christians.

He is funded by the crony capitalists. In fact, out of all the candidates, Bernie Sanders appears to be the only one who isn't.

His ideas on "less big government" include government intrusion in women's health care and reproductive rights.

David said...

Yes, Adolph, of course women and minorities are vote majority Democrat because the GOP abandoned them. The GOP has destroyed itself by being a party of and for straight, white evangelical christian males, a rapidly shrinking demographic.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

David, there you go. Confounded by your own mouth.

I'd prefer a Christian with a sound moral cmpass to a murdering lying bitch or a bullshitting buffoon fraudster.

Anonymous said...

Or a Christian with a sound moral cmpass calling other nominees a murdering lying bitch or a bullshitting buffoon fraudster

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon 4.42

Truth hurts, does it?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Commenter Burgers is goneburger, never to be seen here again.