Thursday, March 17, 2016


There is currently an increasing level of concern in relation to battery powered quadcopters and aviation safety.

Recently had one used to create marketing pictures and video of a property, and it was extremely cost appropriate and user friendly.
Once in the air it was very difficult to see where it was and even harder to hear it but in results  it was outstanding.

I understand using such a device to film an ongoing news worthy event such as the recent fire on Highway 7a with a number of monsoon equipped choppers and possibly a fire ground controller in the air with somewhat reduced visibility is a potential hazard for pilots.
On suggestions of snooping or other surveillance we have a body of law that is available.
However to suggest adoption of a blanket controlling bylaw by any local body when a majority of  the devices are toys with no ability to produce images is just plain nonsense, flying a bloody kite  if you will.
Sure CAA will need to be aware of such developing technology and I am sure they are but for sub humans who have managed to get elected to a local authority becoming  involved is sheer bloody mindedness and more evidence of the disconnect they too often reveal.
Far too many equate the quad copter  toys and small unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, with Drones that have a military capability when weaponised.

To talk about a three working day turnaround for a consent to use an UAV within a Local authority boundary, as a response to concerns of invasion of privacy, noise nuisance or any other of the mindless nonsense is only further proof of incompetence.

First it was tramps and vagrants,  door to door sales,  various inspectors, not forgetting low flying air craft, helicopters, CCTV cameras, street beggars, demonstrators, buskers, there are many and varied  activities that can impinge on ones island of personal space.

First world problems!

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