Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Some say good old Kel,  most just tell the truth.

Crim cuddler extraordinaire who burst into  national prominence when he delivered Te Tai Tokerou  from the grasp of the treacherous Fat Finn/Kraut overstayer  and his far left rabble in the last general election  but has since descended into a mishmash of what he erroneously sees as populism attractive to Labour voters.
Kelvin Davis promised so much when he handed Hadfield  his beans, even touted as a possible future leader of the still floundering remnants of the once proud NZLP.

Just when his increasing naivety seemed to have nowhere else to advance with his totally  inept and mistaken support for a bunch of New Zealand citizens who, having reached a level of criminality in Australia, were deemed to be only worthy of repatriation back here by those currently ruling the Lucky Country, Good ole Boy Kel has now pretended all other New Zealanders are ignorant of the real world.

TVONE news has commissioned an online survey that sets out to measure  Kiwiness for respondents.

One of the questions read, "Maori should not receive any special treatment ?"
The total idiot has demanded the survey remove that question on the grounds such a premise does not exist!
Excuse me, this from a man who sits in our parliament representing one of six racially based seats reserved for a special people, who participates in the legislative allocation of millions of dollars to special people, holds to his Maori bloodline as a ticket to status as a special person yet who dares to claim that the survey has a racist question within the whole raft of such information seeking on  matters central  to how we see ourselves.

Geeze Kel,  get yourself to Spec Savers,  what you see is so far removed from reality, oh and while you are about it get a hearing test as well as it is clear you don't listen that great either.

Btw my result has me as a "Patriot" with other options including "Globalist" as a least likely,  something I am happy about.

As an example of the crass stupidity and meaningless garbage around who or what is a Maori, I have a small admission to reveal.
In the 19911 census in a moment of annoyance I placed a line through the section on ethnicity and wrote under the struck out lines, the following, "I am a native born New Zealander".
Well having been born of forebears from Scottish homelands some clearly "victims of the clearances",  who variously arrived here in the latter half of the nineteenth century, one, my paternal grandfather  born in Clyde Side thereby giving my Dad a British Passport, there is a very slim chance I carry any of Kel's 'special people'  bloodlines but I was rather surprised when the Late Sir Paul Reeves and a bunch of his troughing mates made repeated attempts to assist me to find my whakapapa, Hapu, Iwi etc.
A list of some 88 options included some with fishing rights, some with residual claims for such advantage and a few with no bloody fish at all.
My dearest friend and partner was somewhat disturbed at my being self reclassified and asked that I correct my position  but I only did so some sixteen years later in the census of 2006.
So as a once fair haired  blue eyed lad it was fascinating to think of how simple it was to become one of the special people but that has not diminished my abhorrence of such racial classification rubbish.

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Noel said...

Didn't really prove anything. In those days "New Zealander" or" Kiwi" defaulted to Caucasian. Much later it defaulted to 'miscellaneous'.