Thursday, March 24, 2016


Another dud judge makes a criminals day with a slap in the face for the long suffering public who pay his wages.

This piece of Tutae Kuri was so bad in so many ways.
Threatened the nation's biggest earner and employer with devastating damage to its reputation, its massive contribution to the NZ economy along with the lively-hoods of thousands of industrious , hardworking farmers and their employees.
Cast suspicion on a fairly significant  bunch of well intentioned if somewhat in the view of most, misguided, and in this matter entirely innocent anti 1080 advocates.
Made his cowardly moves via the NZ Post organisation in what was a serious involvement of that vulnerable group of workers who, had his powder been truly toxic, had their health and safety at risk.
He was the producer of the  toxin 'Feratox' that is in some degree a competing chemical to the cheap, safe, easy to apply through several delivery systems, 1080, that is far and a way the best control toxin for one of NZ Dairy's most expensive and treatable pests the Australian Possum that is the most significant vector for Bovine TB.
Worst of all directed his extortion threat to a most vulnerable and virtually powerless section of society. Parents of the very young who for whatever reason use infant formulae to nourish their very fragile, helpless and totally dependent babies.
Despicable is not strong enough Venning.

Jeremy Kerr was avaricious, manipulative, threatening, cowardly and one who, had his scheme been successful stood to gain considerable advantage from commercial success for his competing product.
Yet again a very "understanding" member of the  out of touch judiciary has delivered a slap in the face for their employers by sentencing the scrote to what will be less than three years in the pokey.
Such examples of our judiciary handing down sentences that appear to many to be manifestly unjust and by the stupid avoidance of the cumulative option means that the eight and a half years on two convictions where a maximum of fourteen years was available, where Justice Venning declined to include any minimum term, means Kerr who has undisclosed previous convictions will be out in around one third of the sentence, 34 months, and what are the odds he will become ill and get a further compassionate reduction.
Yes his wife died five years ago from cancer, he had other personal issues but at sixty years of age he should have sought alternative help and not have cost various funding streams the thirty seven MILLION dollars estimated for his little bit of greed.
In evidence it was claimed he already received over one hundred thousand dollars a year in royalties from sales of Feratox.

Why does  "Manifestly Unjust" come to mind, 34 months for a crime that cost New Zealand taxpayers 37 million dollars.


Noel said...

Don't know what your are bitching about.

My son got beaten up and left for dead and although the Youth Court Judge suspected on of the perpetrators was involved he walked with nothing.

We all know that the Justice system sides with the perpetrator in New Zealand.

When he gets out get your farmer mates to drive a heard through the doors of his business. "Jungle Justice" works everytime.

Angry Tory said...

I don't see why we need judges. I really, really, don't. For civil cases and certainly for commercial cases, arbitration would do fine. For Criminals, and the worst kind of criminals like this guy, that is, leftists terrorists unionist activist environmentalists then just give the cops guns and the laws to let them do the job.

Anonymous said...


Just do a Chester Burrows. Increase pressure on the accelerator.

The Veteran said...

GD ... thank you for that post. Is there any hint that the Crown may appeal the sentence as manifestly too light?

Anonymous said...

he should have sought alternative help and not have cost various funding streams the thirty seven MILLION dollars estimated for his little bit of greed.

John Key has just cost us 26 MILLION dollars. He'll probably get rewarded with a knighthood.