Sunday, March 27, 2016


Last Friday I went to an Odering's Nursery Café for morning coffee, as is customary for a bunch of Dental Nurses  who commenced study at the new Christchurch School for DNs back in the day.
Where those who brought irrational fear to thousands with no regard to the trauma inflicted, now  gather weekly just to keep in touch. A wonderful little event where any one of them world wide who might be in the Garden City and want to touch base can do so, spouses and current squeezes are also welcome.

Nursery sales were palpable  and apparently there were queues waiting for the opening of the doors a couple of hours earlier.

There was no surcharge at the Café and plants were at sale prices.

As we crossed the city from base camp, we did some rubber necking,  mall carparks were a bit reminiscent of scenes that appeared in the closing scenes of "On The Beach" back in the day or Sunday in the same times when the only place a naughty school boy could buy fags was a vending machine in Cathedral Square.

Lunch was a bit fraught on Friday with many of our fav ethnics choosing to close, most likely out of fear of some repercussions from breaking mammon's law even if in ignorance and knowing an alert by way of inquiry could trigger a response.

Saturday we had run out of easter eggs, hot cross buns, milk and cream for the fresh picked we went to The South City Mall and it was very similar to Dec 24th.
At the food hall, picked up a chineese for swmbo and an indian for moi, after being forced to queue, very unusual, then finding a couple of adjacent spare chairs at a table was a massive challenge.

Hello to all those who headed off to their bit of peace and tranquillity flying on my dosh,  the plebs were out and about doing what they all  probably wanted to  do the day before with nary a bible or a hymnal handy.
Easter might have a mystical attraction for a very small bunch of the around fifty percent nominal Christians who so stated at last census but for moi and a much larger bunch of likeminded,  having the purveyors of pleasure all gone quiet by government decree on Good Friday is no longer supported.
Oh sure I could get a bit of my daily meds from a liquor outlet by ordering  some tucker there but a quiet beer sans grub was a very serious hindrance to my activity wish list.

So the idiocy of Taupo being "normal" while Taihape is closed, Wanaka enjoying the now biennial Warbirds extravaganza with groceries  only available from a gas station while just over the Crown range,  Queenstown is "normal", continues, and little hiviz clad gestapo reminders scurrying around gathering evidence of infractions of a law well past its useby date is so last century.

The total gutless cop out of handing such matters to the "wisdom" of twobit  numpties who inhabit the rarified air of local government will only add to the confusion with decisions  depending on the religious or union whims of such retards and having zero regard for the many thousands who wish to contribute to the GST coffers of the IRD and just NIKE.

New Zealand in the twenty first century  no longer has a cognisance of the religious fervour that usurped a traditional northern hemisphere spring rite  celebration as a movable anniversary where a desert dwelling religious figure was put to death by Roman occupiers and the murder blamed on the Jewish religion is noted on an annual basis.
BTW that reminds me of a startling advertisement for a Nail Gun where a Jesus like figure is running from a Cross because the nails failed.

I do note though, the big cheese at Canterbury big house in Kent is suggesting  a fixed date be settled on so all the non Christians can plan a weekend of fishing, gardening, picnicking or sheer bloody minded idleness, and  can do so without looking up when Easter eggs will be in short supply on the interwebby.
The current model that has Easter anywhere over a month of Sundays depending when the first full moon after the equinox occurs does have problems and there is already enough confusion at that time of the year with Auntie Helen's Captains Pick as to when we can cease getting up in the bloody dark to milk the cow.

So lets have a framework where an owner can choose to trade, workers can choose to work for additional pay and days in lieu, and a much changed demographic of consumers can access such activity without a control freak government getting involved. Suggestions of a few days for "Family" have no merit as successive administrations have concertedly moved to destroy such historical nonsense anyway and Good Friday is isolated by a massively commercially active Saturday form Easter Sunday  and the rest of the Legend on Monday where sports dominate.
I am not advocating for compulsion for anyone but you just head off to a golf date John, with the greatest gun salesman who ever lived and get out of the way of entrepreneurial New Zealand Commerce who might want to serve those who do not choose to clog our highways and airports, or want to rush down to the latest dwindling congregation in their earthquake prone building to  pay and pray but just want to buy a few brassicas on a certain Friday and have a lie down the following day.


Anonymous said...

yep gutless they all are. but but a flag we must spend money on.
In the end too gutless to get a good process for that as well.
So, they lost.
shame really.

Angry Tory said...

Owners have freedom to trade.

Employees have a civil contact responsibility to work, and criminal penalties for breaching that contract.

It's called "capitalism". NZ should try it sometime.