Thursday, March 17, 2016


andrew little labour leader
Photo stolen from whaleoil.

This morning the numpty pictured above revealed again how his body is wired similar to an Argentine or  Italian Tank, ie more reverse gears than forwards.

" Labour leader Andrew Little says ethnic restaurants should be employing New Zealand Indians and Chinese chefs instead of bringing in staff from overseas."

That was yesterday, this morning on Hosking Breakfast he vainly attempted to deny that is what he said.

Now for free, Mr Little in every way, when you choose to lie and obfuscate it is essential that you keep to the script as once you alter the original it quickly becomes apparent how dodgy it was and still is.
Explaining is losing.

The only ethnic food that might be passably created by those who dwell on the job seeker benefit in New Zealand, might be a Hangi but it is almost certain that those amongst them who could create edible food of any quality would be a very small minority.

We discovered a little treasure a couple of weeks ago in Sydenham when we stumbled on a Thai Restaurant with wonderful food, priced to value with service to be envied.
To think for one minute that such quality could be produced plated and served by  a representative of those who are the majority of the five percent that measure the base line of the  employable  is not just dreaming it is a flaming night mare.


The Veteran said...

Far be it for me to point out thg obvious but clearly the 'nice' little man has been supping long and hard from the cup of Winston Peters. First the Chinese (Twyford), now assorted ethnics, tomorrow the Jews? NZ is been built on the backs of immigrants. Ok, clearly some are not WASPs (as NZ First and now sadly Labour would have it) but that sez much about 'their' preparedness to play the xenophobic card.

Someone may care to explain just why the numbers of Maori receiving the dole are so high compared with those from other ethnic communities ... maybe, just maybe, those 'recent' arrivals are prepared to get off their butts and make it happen.

Noel said...

Latest stats I could find for Job Seeker was European NZ 50,000, Maori 40,000.

Anonymous said...

"dwell on the job seeker benefit in New Zealand, might be a Hangi"

If Noel's stats are accurate maybe change to Sunday Roast?

The Veteran said...

Noel, the latest Stats as at Dec 15 have it that there were 67,670 on Job Seeker Support classified as work ready and a further 55,237 assessed as not work ready (health or disability issues). Of that number 50,246 (down 745 over the Dec 14 figure) were European Pakeha while those classifying themselves as Maori totaled 44,582, up 762. Pacific Islanders totaled 8,386, down 666, while all other ethnicities combined totaled 17,088, down 1.049.

Kinda proves my point.

Anonymous said...

Sure does. Pakeha and Maori need to get off their arse.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... yes, all do (acknowledging there is a baseline of 2-3% unemployed/unemployable that will always be there) but NZ European at 74% and Maori at 14.9% and you do the maths. Perhaps an inconvenient truth but a truth nevertheless and Little's hamfisted approach to the issue is pork-barrel politics at its worst trying to out xenophobic Winston peters.

Anonymous said...

Good God, scoop of the year. I can't believe a politician would big himself up with silly but publicly acceptable comments. If only they could all be like the nice Mr Muldoon and Mr Key, paragons of the virtual truth, and sit down over a nice cup of tea.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

As Green Co-leader James Shaw said, the tax avoidance by major companies would pay the Unemployment Benefit for another 15,000 New Zealanders.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Is that the same Greens outfit which avoids tax on its MPs' investment income by having the properties owned by their superannuation fund?

Shaw is an idiot. Tax avoidance is not illegal, When he can produce evidence of tax evasion, someone might take notoce.

Anonymous said...

NZ European at 74% and Maori at 14.9% and you do the math's.

Totally predictable reply.

Who really gives a shit about the population percentages because in the end near equal numbers from both populations are sucking at the taxpayer purse.

Benefit bludging is an equal opportunity employer.

gravedodger said...

Typical Melon Shaw pay more sloths to sit on their ample arses.
Maybe some of that legally avoided tax might just find a job for some of the "job seekers", alas then they might vote for the bloody gummint, couldn't have that now.