Wednesday, March 30, 2016


not a good weak for that 'nice' Mr Little having to dump on Sue Maroney for her tweet lambasting Kiwis who own 'flash beach houses'.  

Mind you and to be fair Maroney ain't the sharpest knife in his box having now lost in six attempts to win an electorate seat and who was so incompetent she was fired from her job as the Junior Opposition Whip.

Many might look at her beach house on the Coromandel and wonder what she's 'on' about.


Shelldrake said...

It is a sad testament that Littles position is do tenuous that he dare not deliver the reprimand that she surely deserves. All round s pathetic attack on middle NZ. The folks who provide the tax revenue to fund their grandiose schemes.

Noel said...

Ahh Waihi Beach not Coromandel It's not been flown now after the property oweners received an apology. They were one of few at the Beach who flew it during the referendum.

Anonymous said...

So she has a holiday property at Coromandel but the property of concern was in another region 2hrs away. Veteran you really should get the facts right before you go in support of the Bay of Plenty National candidate who forced the tweet into the public arena.

Gerald said...

Ans that's from one who is always bleating about the quality of the fourth estate.

The Veteran said...

Anon.. what are you on about. She was banging on about holiday homes ... she has a holiday home. Whether the property in question was two hours on ten hours away from her one matters not. At least Little realized the electoral damage stupid remarks like that cause even if you don't and don't blame the whistle-blower (if indeed he were the whistle-blower) for highlighting the electoral liability she is for Labour. All her own work.

Redbaiter said...


That this pissant issue can provoke such discussion only proves what a basket case country NZ is from a political viewpoint.

" Roland Huntford's "The New Totalitarians" is a book far more prophetic than George Orwell's "1984". Written several decades ago, Huntford's book has accurately foretold the kind of "soft totalitarianism" that is overtaking the west today."

The Swedish model is that of a heavily taxed, bureacratic, totalitarianism in which "consensus" is achieved by ostracisizing dissenters, establishing unlegislated but very real thought and speech boundaries, compelling everyone to think alike and behave alike and discouraging individuality at every opportunity."

The situation has been made much worse by the blossoming of a psychopathic feminist movement with idiot females misdefining every concept from "rape" to you name it. The average Swede literally lives in a mental strait jacket."

NZ, transformed into a nation of socialist whitebait, and all flitting at the same shadows,

The Veteran said...

Red ... sounds very much like North Korea to me minus the fems.

Sally said...

I'm confused.

The house flying the flag was at Waihi Beach?

The house in this photograph (Sue Moroney's?) is in Waihi Beach.

Could someone enlighten me, please.

Waihi Beach is northern Bay of Plenty, but often described as southern Coromandel.

Sally said...

Have now read articles referring to the flag waving house being in Waihi Beach. The house pictured above, suggested as belonging to Sue Moroney, is definitely in Waihi Beach. The two houses are unlikely to be more than a few minutes apart.

gravedodger said...

Steve Braunies is surgical in the Auckland paper.

gravedodger said...

Anon moron, no Nat candidate fears your sister moron, she is the very bestest news when she nominates for any seat, lost in Piako twice and the two tron seats three times.
Some people are inherently imune to clear and present danger, Moron(ey) is such a person