Thursday, March 17, 2016


OK, I'll admit to not being a great League fan ... too much run and bash for my liking.   Nevertheless I can watch and appreciate the NRL and acknowledge the game has a special place in the hearts of thousands of fans in what aficionados trumpet as 'the greatest game of all'.

But when Graham Lowe, who has been there and done that in the game, calls out the Warriors for having a 'Bro' culture he deserves to be listened to.   Far more so than the League establishment and the Warrior's coach Andrew McFadden whose team has lost twelve out of their last twelve games.    The reality is that in any other franchise in the NRL a coach with his record would be long gone.

The 'hype' that surrounds the Warriors is counter productive. The media commentators, led by Stephen McIvor and including some past icons in the sport, refuse to tell it how it is.   Their enthusiasm for the game prevents them from critically analyzing the myriad of faults in the Warriors both in personnel and performance.   Clearly some players believe the hype over the necessity to do the hard yards.    'She'll be right on the day rules OK'   It shows.

Forget the trumpeting around the signing of Tuivase-Shek and Isaac Luke.   Right now the Warriors are a team of individuals and are playing like that.   Something is wrong and, if they lose on Saturday to the Storm, heads must role.

p.s.   There has to be a sub-plot to the dumping of Simon Mannering as skipper of the Warriors.   He gave it all for the team ... they did not reciprocate and it appears he has been made the scapegoat.  Another example perhaps of a Club failing to acknowledge inconvenient truths ... sad.


Shelldrake said...

Unfortunately the majority of Warriors players are an inch too short. A pity that it is the top inch.

The coaching staff must despair of the hours spent developing and practising game plans only to have team members forget them immediately the ref blows thwwhistle to start the game.

No brains, no discipline, no wins!

The Realist said...

League? Yawn.....

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the Warriors first match and TV hype in Auckland years ago. They wheeled out a few 28th Bn vets along with their medals for a " parade" around the stadium. Demeaning and patronising by the franchise holders to equate the bravery of men who have seen war with money and business, yes it's all about money.

Never watched them since.

Lest we forget.

Lord Egbut