Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Now For Something Different

Now and again Adolf looks up the online TV guide to see if there are any decent movies during the day.   Considerable amusement is to be found.  I refer to the story lines for some of the recently made junk movies.  Here's a real snorter, made for the brain addled daughters of methamphetamine addicts who themselves now are single mothers on Disability Pension.

"Norah wants to prove to her friend Tris that she's capable of having a boyfriend. So at a concert, she grabs the first guy she sees, Nick, and asks him to pretend they're dating -- but it turns out that Nick is Tris's ex. Despite the fact that they started off as a fauxmance, Nick and Norah's relationship turns real as they traipse through Manhattan, sharing their love of music and all things weird. (Michael Cera, Alexis Dziena, Kat Dennings)"

If you want to watch this literary gem, just go to Channel 9.

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