Wednesday, March 9, 2016


"Maria Sharapova didn't read the email" but  took a vaso dilator medication  prescribed by a Doctor from East Germany ten years ago and  taken it ever since.
A drug that is only made in Latvia and is not approved for use in the USA and many other nations!

"was it a performance enhancer" gee who wuddda thunk that.

Not an elite athlete but I ask a Dr whenever a med is prescribed what it will do and what are the side effects?
Poor wee lamb might have to stop squealing and grunting at tennis tournaments, I am gutted not.

Suck it up bitch, you took performance enhancing drugs and you have been busted, end of story.
I hope they make an example of her, a life ban would be a good starting point.

Good riddance and don't let the door hit your arse on the way out,  then again that could elicit a  justified squeal.


Nookin said...

A touch of cynicism there, GD?

Andrei said...

A bit odd GD that she wasn't a drug cheat in November 2015 but only achieved this notorious status in January 2016 without changing her behavior

We are all against performance enhancing drugs in sport but by the same token as the list of "banned substances" grow people can get caught in the net for taking genuine medicine that has no impact on their performance

I remember a Russian Rhythmic gymnast being disqualified for using a nasal decongestant that contained a banned substance when she had a cold - that seems harsh to me and led to a change in the WADA therapeutic usage exemptions though that didn't help the victim of that injustice

Funnily enough "transgender" athletes can take testosterone under therapeutic usage exemptions - this will lead to an interesting controversy someday soon

Given the politics of today - this might be more political than significant in a sporting sense, who knows

Noel said...

Well she was a loud grunter. Recent science has confirmed whilst the technique puts more power into the return it also masks the receiver hearing the ball hitting the racquet. Double cheat perhaps.

Ross said...

"she wasn't a drug cheat in November 2015" Yeah. The sports drug people found a lot of athletes were using this medication and that it had implications for abuse, so they banned it. Reportedly it was used by Russian troops in Afghanistan and the company that makes it recommends use for 4-6 weeks only. Medications will usually be legal for sports before they get banned - you can't ban something until you know about it.

Anonymous said...

I think she was probably pushing the limit and did so knowingly. Still a darned good player though and easy on the eye. The issue will be whether tennis can afford to ban her - lecherous male tennis fans have standards you know.


Eric said...

"Funnily enough "transgender" athletes can take testosterone under therapeutic usage exemptions....."

Ever wonder which came first, the transgender or the drugs?