Wednesday, March 2, 2016


CBB 1904 750x202 Ref Two

Whaleoil has a post on Prof Paul Moons thoughts on the flag change debate and it encapsulates my views.

At the closing Slater also states a view on the voting that resonates with my intentions.

When NZ comes to a point in history where changing the nations flag is a part of some significant constitutional  evolution that will be a reason I will accept to consider adoption of a flag to begin a new  chapter.

Had The Key Government made a legislative move to place The Treaty in an historical context and create a path where all New Zealand citizens in the absence of all their racial origins embrace a reborn nation to go forward as one people then a new flag could have been a part of that journey's beginning.

As this great country continues to slide by degrees into a separate status for some of its peoples, having  links to the places my forbears departed from nearly two hundred years ago to participate in building modern New Zealand is something I will always cherish and my vote will reflect that.

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