Saturday, March 26, 2016


Current New Zealand Flag
Silver Fern Flag

Closer than many thought in fact had those supporting a change had another week it could have approached a dead heat.

Too many used the whole process for political advantage and in the forefront of that would have to be the three minor parties who have without exception opposed the process.

A process that should have accompanied the massive alteration to our Privy Council links that were unceremoniously dumped by a megalomaniac NZLP led by Clark and her Minion Wilson with the legislative backing of the Melons and Labour without even announcing their plans, let alone campaign on them.
National went to the last election with a policy of changing the flag with a referendum.
John Key was the leader who won with that pledge to fulfil.
Little leader of the NZLP totally reversed a decades long policy to prevent Mr Key getting such a change to our history as any sort of win or legacy.
The Greens who have variously made extraordinary efforts to thwart progress for our nation with a succession of inane moves and cothingy with her bit of Jade, very quickly attempted to create a belief that the rejection of the slightly flawed process would be a strike against the PM. I suggest flawed as the body charged to select the four finalists, then were in the van of the stupid move to include the Colorado company's commercial logo as a fifth, were consulted over the makeup of the selection committee.
I take little comfort or pleasure that my desires scored a rather hollow victory with the retention of the flag I have lived under for my seventy five years  of its 115 years as our national symbol.
The blatant politicking that has so tarnished what was a very fair and open offering of people power is in a word disgusting, the three minor parties who are so desperate to reach the treasury benches have again demonstrated why an around consistent 50% of the NZ voting public continue to ignore their ever strident efforts.


Angry Tory said...

the three minor parties who are so desperate to reach the treasury benches have again demonstrated

why their ilk should not be permitted in parliament, or in the "media" - let alone anywhere near the treasury benches!

Anonymous said...

Too right, Angry Tory, shoot them all. That's the curse of a democracy, far too many people get into parliament who should not be there.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article Veteran. Biting satire is what this blog needs not Adolphs cut and paste from the Daily Squat on non existent food related events.

I have a cunning plan, why not follow the example of the blogs title and hold those in power to account, expose the double standards, hypocrisy and arrogance just like you used to do before the er, change of Govt. If you don't there is great danger of being sued for false and misleading advertising and might have to change the Blog's title to 'No shadow Minister"

Careingly yours,

Lord Egbut Nobacon

PS. I don't suppose any thought was given to the Bn's colours on which the UJ features large. Oh and it is permissible to refer to the Union flag as the Union Jack by act of parliament 1908....I never knew that.

Noel said...

NZ Olympic Committee allowing competitors to use either flag. So much for a binding referendum.

Anonymous said...

The number voting are close to the number that voted in the last election. We didn't extend the time for people to vote then. Of course there was blatant politicking. It shows in the flag figures by electorate.

gravedodger said...

Noel just take the meds the psyche Dr suggested would unscramble both your brains.
The "Binding" bit related to the fact that the most supported flag would be our Official National Flag, and in case you missed it that was the Blue one with a Union flag in the top corner next to the flag pole with a slightly stylised Southern Cross on the outer half, Four stars red with white borders. The copy cat Aussie one has five stars white or silver similarly placed.

By the way you are quite at liberty to fly any dam flag you wish as do many sports fans waving the black one wif a silver fern but in case you hadn't noticed it does have a very slight resemblance in poor light to the current one being waved around by the supporters of the murderous bastards hacking heads of the less fortunate who upset them and tossing faggots off third floors just because they are besty with other blokes, blokes used advisedly. Hell even the special people love to fly the mardie one if they think patriots might be watching and get upset.

Now you can have a wee lie down and collect both of you back into your cranial space.

I note that the NZ flags being waved about by cricket fans currently following the truly wonderful exploits of our national team on The Sub Continent are overwhelmingly our over a hundred year old model and I have not noticed any "Lockwoods" at all.

Noel said...

You really are upset about the outcome.
It was a bloody joke.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... not sure why you attributed this post to me in your 9.27 comment. Is it that I feature 'large' in your thoughts? While I guess I should be flattered by that one has to worry if this fixation might be injurious to your health. Nevertheless I thank you but in this case I plead ... Not Guilty MiLord.

Ursula said...

The "changers" need to enlist Joe Karam as spokesman, then we can keep having referenda and challenges every few years until "we" get the result "we" want.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure everyone knows you can fly what ever you like on your own flag pole, including a Wicked camper van at the moment. I envisage the really acrimonious debate will when we debate following the Aussie lead and putting up two flag poles on Government buildings, Hospitals etc.

gravedodger said...

Not in the least Noel you retard I got my wish although it was kinda hollow as the process was hijacked by the KDS and a flipflop by Little's numpties with their sycophantic melon mates.

Then again I scored well in their equally mindless sabotage of the Power company floats, when they reduced the value to the NZ taxpayers they pretend to laud when it suits, and saved me considerable dosh.

At Vet 01 59, missed that but then egg on face often flies below my radar, sorry you were tarnished in his error.
Have a great holiday weekend for you and yours.

The Veteran said...

Ursala ... naughty.

Noel said...

Old Man March 27, 2016 at 4:24 PM

You of the a million words where 1O will do and you call me a retard.

Fortunately it's easy to recognize your posts without the need to read them.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... I never called you a retard and my 4.24 post had nothing to do with you. Withdraw please.

Noel said...

You gravedodger in addition to Veteran?

Noel said...

Ah sorry Gravedodgers post was latter. Haven't mastered cut and paste with this new tablet thingy.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. Now see the error of my ways. 'twas the flag at the top of the post that GD hijacked. However the the sentiment remains the same so just assume that is addressed to you. Must be quite disturbing to have GD's posts indistinguishable from your own.

Lord Egbut