Sunday, March 27, 2016


Quite easy really.   Clinton is damaged goods and a lot of Democrats realize that.    Take away her overwhelming support from black voters and she is like the Emperor without any clothes ... and it's not a pretty sight.

As I write this it looks as though Sanders is winning both the Washington State and Alaska caucuses.   This on top of his wins in New Hampshire, Colorado, Minesota, Oklahoma, Vermont, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, Idaho, Utah and 'Democrats Abroad'.

Strip away from the Clinton total the so called 'Super Delegates' (Democrat Party apparatchiks) where she has a huge edge over Sanders (currently 469 to 29) and her lead over Sanders reduces to less than 300.  

Amazing really that Sanders, who, five months ago, wasn't even a Democrat and it's clear that white Democrat voters are turning away from Clinton in droves ... not because they necessarily approve of him as a self avowed democratic socialist (gueez, back in 1988 he honeymooned in the old USSR) but more that he is seen as 'clean' and running on an anti-establishment platform (as are Trump and Cruz) and also that Hillary is a real turn-off for them.

I still think Clinton will win the nomination.   The maths are against Sanders. The real question is whether she can unite the Democrat Party behind her.    The same applies to Trump and Cruz on the Red side.

The race to the White House is an interesting spectator sport.

Updated 9.45.   AP has just announced that Sanders has won in Hawaii.   Three is a row today.   Perhaps this will cause a re-think among the so called 'Super Delegates'.


Howie said...

"she is like the Emperor without any clothes ... and it's not a pretty sight."

Nice. Asshole much?

Anyway, none of this matters as she will win the nomination and deliver the humiliation due to Drumpf that the Republicans are too useless to provide. Gonna be great seeing you squirm.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... call me that again and you're goneburger ... permanently. If you can't figure out the analogy then more fool you. Clearly considerable numbers of Democrat voters can and have hence the success of Sanders. But you're right in the sense that 'she' will win the nomination as the democratic process has been suborned/skewered by the imposition of 719 un-elected 'super delegates' into the equation.

Howie said...

OK, so when you were talking, explicitly, about Hillary Clinton naked and saying it was "not a pretty sight", can you explain exactly what you meant by that? Don't be slimey. Adolf does that sort of thing (despite his own obvious shortcomings), but you're supposed to be better than that.

"If you can't figure out the analogy then more fool you."

Do tell.

The Veteran said...

Howie ... Clinton, stripped of all the cant and hubris that surrounds her and she is revealed as damaged goods so much so that increasing numbers of Democrats are prepared to vote for someone who just five months ago wasn't even a member of that Party. Pretty simple really. Got it now? ... stop being precious.

My colleagues on this blog set their own rules ... mine are lifted from Chris Trotter's Bowalley Road (which I read and enjoy) .... "Comments which are defamatory, vituperative, snide or hurtful will be removed, and the commentators responsible permanently banned".

'Arsehole' and 'slimey' are right up there and rate as Two Strikes. OTY.

Andrei said...


Король, оказывается, голый! Is a Russian idiom - might translate it "It turns out the King is naked!"

It is not meant to be taken literally - it means despite superficial appearances of grandeur (say) there is no actual substance to that person

There is an equivalent English idiom that was used in this post -

Idioms can be problematic to non native speakers of a language when encountering them for the first time.

For native speakers taking them literally though is usually a sign of Asperger's