Friday, March 4, 2016

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Noel said...

"The Gang Intelligence Centre is one of the four initiatives in the Government’s Gang Action Plan. It provides an intelligence-led response to gangs, bringing together information held by Social Development, Customs, Corrections, Internal Affairs, Immigration and Police"

Possible case history.
5 year old gang members child registered at local school.
Accompanied by "soldier" with no tats.
By 7 child brings 6 pizzas in lunch bag.
Teacher say "who are those for"
Child replies "me miss."
Teacher say "why don't you sit here with me and eat them".
Child eats three then can't eat any more.
Teacher say" pick up rest after school and take them home".
Family called in for Principal conference and told not to elicit prospects "on my patch."
By 8 child is developing unwanted behavior. Conference called and attended by a previously unseen Aunt.
Claims she came back from Australia because gang loosing it's family input.
In truth extradited back to NZ for behavior not wanted across the ditch.
"Soldier" now 17 has facial tats and three month later on "don't approach" wanted list.
All victims in the new approach.

Childs 14 year old brother with three others attacks lone individual inadvertently crossing their "patch".
Individual one week in ICU hanging on to life, one month hospital blind, deaf and mumbling because of damage from the kicking by three young gang assailants.
One assailant identified, history of multiple diversions in Youth Court.
At sentencing Judge suspects he was involved but because of family closeness of assailants won't fess up to a near murder of innocent father of three small children, resulting in no conviction.

So who's missing from this fantastic new information sharing agency that's going to protect Joe Public.

Anonymous said...

" Social Development Minister Anne Tolley said the Government had launched two pilot programmes for gang-connected families in response to the report, "working from the community level up" to work one-on-one with families and reduce the harm they suffered."

All poor victims eh!!!!

What about decent support for those they hurt?

Anonymous said...

who's missing from this fantastic new information sharing agency that's going to protect Joe Public?

Are you hinting at Justice and the Youth Court?
Sorry but that is one area where you cannot access information.

You can be privy to all there is to know about Kim Dotcoms court cases but no one INCLUDING THE VICTIM is privy to the decisions of the Youth Court.

Noel said...

Anon 5.45
Ah no. The perpetrators is privy to all steps of the process.
At the initial conference he determines who can attend.
The victim has to present an exceptional case why he should be in the court.