Monday, March 21, 2016


  For gods sake Paula were you ever a little bit pregnant?

Either the scribblings on John Webb's little vans that 'bears' hire to travel from woods to woods are a matter for Tranzit on the grounds of distraction or they are a matter around free speech.

Any one who finds offence, from the designed to attract notice witterings on 'Wicked Bearcans", is really looking to find somethimg they could so easily avoid by just not seeking it out.

There is a massive leap required to relate the edgy scribblings with truly offensive obscene statements.
I for one am really offended by Mother in Law jokes as my M I L was a really great person and until the day she passed always greeted me as someone she was really pleased to see, therefore  I find the inanity that so many employ in denigrating the person who spawned the woman they married, offensive.

Even should Tranzit intervene, where will they stop, there is so much signage on vehicles today, then there is the entirely confusing policy where a roadside sign erected on land adjacent to a State Highway suddenly becomes of zero risk of distraction upon payment of a "fee".

Next it could well be "Tui Billboards as I am certain they cause serious "Offense" to those lampooned.

From my position you could be far more use  as my employer to seek ways of preventing the hire of all such backpacker vans that allow bears to travel sans any onboard toilet and grey water retention systems and that includes all vehicles including hatchbacks where the hirer could simply prohibit use for camping, in their hire agreement.

You were never a little bit pregnant Paula,  there is either free speech or there is government decree as to what is permissible and does not fall foul of existing legislation.
Get off the soapbox and leave nanny state to the other side of the house.

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