Wednesday, March 23, 2016


 and the bollocks emanating all too often from threatened motor camp operators is answered to a degree.

"Many of the 10 submissions, 61 signatories to a petition, and 14 campground operators were opposed to the designated camping ground site at Collins Memorial Reserve in Koromiko."
Note a quick google search has "Jasons" listing seven, half that number of Motor camps when Marlborough Sounds is the parameter, dropping the "Sounds" leaves all of Marlborough with 13 motorcamps listed in 'Jasons', one shy of the 14 protesting and that includes two in Kaikoura some 150 kms south of Koromiko

In short Campground operators who offer  certified self contained Movans nothing they need other than a place to park want local and central government to force all movans to park in their very variable property offerings for sometimes grossly inflated charges.

Freedom campers stay longer and spend more.

MBIE manager for sector trends has released some  pertinent facts they have gleaned from spend figures gathered on freedom campers in this country.
Compare what Ellis reveals with the lets say Chinese or Korean tourist who buy return airfares in their homeland, often travel in NZ on a China or Korean owned tour bus, arrive in AKL immediately fly to Rotorua, one night stay, fly to Queenstown for a second night then back to CHC by coach and off  home.
That is two nights in  package deal hotel rooms and two Air NZ flights, while the much maligned often European backpacker inspired freedom camper who spends weeks, even months here,  largely in the regions the "package tourist" will never see let alone drop any dosh in.
Many of these 'freedom campers" don't even hire an el cheapo van, they buy a suitable sleeper capable hatchback through a web site and sell it on the same site at the end of their travels for similar money. Meanwhile every day buying food, fuel, admission, alcohol, repairs and maintenance on the often aging vehicle and other goods and services.
My Motorhome association gathers considerable spend data around our travels and it claims a daily average spend of over $200 per day per member vehicle, and many of our members are tight or is that extremely careful and value conscious. Lets extrapolate the estimated spend figures we claim as a base and say multiply by 90 days and it could be a spend, almost all in the  regions,  of  fifteen/ twenty  thousand  dollars while the Asian short stay might reach a few thousand spent here and that could be a generous estimate.
Many tourist towns rely heavily on these itinerants as casual workers along with seasonal harvest operators and it is all accomplished without reference to anything other than a website and/or word of mouth.

Thankyou to Amanda Crop and Cathie Bell from "Stuff" for asking some questions and not relying on biased hand out rubbish from vested interests trying to get Government, both local and central to compensate them for their inability to compete in an open market by highlighting the depraved behaviour of a very small minority, a bunch of 'Bears' that includes itinerant kiwis also too lazy to seek out  a toilet.

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