Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Shop Trading Hours Continued,

As the total idiocy of the current legislated days where only some traders can open for business is exposed for the nonsense it truly is, continues, it could be useful to highlight some recent observations.

Hosking this morning gave some impressions from his weekend in Queenstown where while playing tourist, he enjoyed a weekend of freedom to do his wont while businesses enjoyed equal freedom to supply them.
He raised a very pertinent point in suggesting, with the exponential rise in the GDP contribution from Tourism, why does the current buggers muddle treat Qtown and Toupo different to say Wanaka and Rotorua.
Then after listing Central Otago, The SI West Coast and Hawkes Bay he could well have gone on to  contemplate how is it that in the aftermath of the earthquakes, maybe Christchurch might be a considerable tourist destination in addition to its widely accepted status as an arrival point.
Similar with Auckland with its many significant attractions around its City of Sails designation, Motat,  largest multicultural city in the South pacific reputation and Wellington aka Wellywood with Te Papa and other multiple attractions.
He posed an imminently sensible query, why is  the entire Country not a designated "tourist destination" under the criteria that set Taupo and Qtown apart in the early 1990s when the buggers muddle passed into law courtesy of Lange/Palmer/Moore,  prior to their administration being consigned to history by Bolger.

Then I nearly choked on my weetbix when I read that the opposition spokesperson for flipflops might have made a sensible quote on the matter. I guess when the Union bosses get back to their offices from their uninterrupted Easter break he will have those ramblings flopped or flipped, with normal service to resume.

Blinglish standing in as Acting Prime Minister for the absent Mr Key,  was challenged by Hosking  how Simon viewed the debate on Easter Trading only to be told that the several attempts to make sensible change had floundered on the vote in parliament where God botherers conspiring with Union puppets have resisted any meaningful change.

It is a vain hope that anything sensible will emerge, so just as with the Flag, the status quo will be the outcome. Sort of Déjà vu all over again if you like.


Angry Tory said...

Status quo. Yep - because National can't actually govern.

We've had a HUGE constitutional change, a much bigger change than becoming a republic would ever be: dropping the privy council. How'd that happen? PM Helen said, in effect, I'm rewriting the constitution and bingo, she rewrote the Constitution.

If Key had any guts he'd have done the same thing for the flag. But nope. National. Building roads of National™ significance, that is roads to help significant National electorates, whether or not the numbers justify the funding. And on and on and on we go.


David said...

Jesusonafuckingcross, get OVER it!

The Privy Council is gone, NZ shook off a few of the apron strings and you still whimper like a blackfella whipped by Lord Vesty. Time NZ and Oz shook off the rest of the apron strings and became fully independent.

Drop your anger and start to think logically, you might find the world is not so scary after all.

BOT, dump all the religious holidays and add a week to annual leave. Those who want to worship a dead Jew and eat his flesh and drink his blood can apply for a holiday to sate their cannibalistic desires. Same for those who want to celebrate Eid al Fitr, Hanukkah, Festivus, etc.