Monday, March 28, 2016


The invincible Aussie arrogant T20 cricket team lost what was in effect a quarter final to hosts India this morning.

After what was to them a shock loss to little ole NZ in a second round match described as but a mishap.
Interviewed after beating Bangladesh,  James "The Finisher" Faulknor asserted,  they "Only had to win three games to win the World Cup".
Alas the first of those three was India and they came up short.

The arrogance is so embedded, the attitude to their minor and lesser cousins is exemplified regularly.
As when they came to Eden Park for a predictable victory during the limited overs WC (50 overs) 2015 and got their beans, only to see NZ off in the final in Melbourne a couple of weeks later.
 A lasting image of that game was  the shameless sledge delivered by the mongrel Brad Haddon to the NZ hero of the semis a few days earlier, Grant 'The Hairy Javelin' Elliot after he was dismissed, truly the Ugly Australian. Add in the fine attracting sledge from Saint Michael Clarke to Pom Jimmy Anderson in Brisbane  that the Aus quicks would break his f*^king arm.
Even outside the Players it is a natural with Sky Sports auto cue reader this morning reporting the Semis would be between India and The West Indies and ENGLAND and new zealand in dwindling audible tones. Omitting that NEW ZEALAND was the best performed team in either group with the best net run rate and maximum points.

Oh well expecting better from the children of convict stock is a reach I guess. Should the unthinkable occur I suppose any news about the Finals will be swamped by the latest drug scandal from the AFL, maybe arrest of an AFL great for booze sex or both, or some other world news in Geelong on a sport only they understand.

Meanwhile Kane's team under coach Mike Hesson will continue their quiet preparations, taking one game at a time while having the best fun they can. A revealing cameo of how serious The team take themselves was on the Box last night when in a slip of the tongue, so embarrassing for ex captain Ross Taylor, who went a step too far in referring to the Finals when he meant the Semis.
 Like a little boy caught with his mit in the jelly bean jar, cute he was.

Go you good things I for one will enjoy it, despite the sleepless nights and tiredness, what ever happens.

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Musquito said...

Soooooooo from today's smoke signals:

"NEW Zealand captain Kane Williamson has defended his decision to abandon, on World Cup semi-final night, the spin-first plans which had catapulted the Black Caps into the playoffs."

As my old granfader would say - Na leig an doras Bang agad asail air an t-slighe a-mach.