Monday, March 21, 2016


TV was running, Sunday late pm, could have been sky news or a sports channel.

Player takes a high ball immediately tackled by opposition player with a shoulder on the thigh and did I hear correct that the tackler would be "On Report for attacking the Legs". By the announcers voice it appeared to be a league match in Aus.

Cripes I thought a tackle around the legs was the best option surely or did I "mishear"?

Sorry for the sketchy info but I was on other business.


Noel said...

Aw come on keep up old fella.

Shoulder Charge - is where a defender, without attempting to tackle, grab or hold the ball-carrier (or any opposing player) using the arms or hands, makes direct physical contact with the shoulder or the upper arm (tucked into the side). (Refer Section 15

gravedodger said...

Did you see it Noel and thankyou for your comment, as I stated I was not watching but the image I saw seemed a reasonable attempt to tackle the catcher with reaching arms, as I said it was a fleeting moment but noted nothing resembling a "shoulder Charge".

Btw how old are you as it is not your first attempt at ageism. When I was 20 everybody over thirty was "old" and many 25 yo were nearly there, as if it matters anymore.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I believe he's a Vietnam vet so that would put him in the third form when you were Head Prefect.

Ciaron said...

It takes very little force to collapse a knee sideways, infact, it's a commonly taught self defense technique.

So if you have a 100+kg league player at full noise diving at another player's knees, perpendicular to the normal bending direction, the consequences can be career limiting to put it mildly.

Cindy Dy said...

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