Saturday, March 12, 2016


For C*********s will someone at Auckland Airport sort out their ATC delays.   Monday night circled for 30 minutes before landing in what was supposed to be a 35 minute flight from BoI.   Coming back from Blenheim yesterday PM and another 15 minutes spent looking at Raglan from 9,000' ... yeah, I know they are resurfacing the runway but how about 10.00 pm to 6.00 am for that?     

Congrats to Air NZ Koru ... now serving Johnnie Walker Black as the choice of Whisky in the Auckland  lounge.   


Noel said...

Runway has been shortened during repairs negating SMART approach tool use.

Anonymous said...

10.00 to 6.00?

AKL 24/7 365days

The Veteran said...

Not much use marketing yourself as a 24/7 airport when your ac, due to depart at 1725 from BoI airport, is held in the ground until 1830 and then the normal 35 min flt extends to over 60 minutes with the ac doing a racetrack over the Hauraki Gulf before landing in time for you to miss all possible onward flts to destination.

Anonymous said...

Didn't read the small print on the ticketing information?

"Flight schedules are published months in advance and there are many factors often outside of Air New Zealand control that contribute to maintaining that schedule. So there will inevitably be occasions when flight times may change from when originally published."

Noel said...

"Didn't read the small print on the ticketing information?"

Perhaps he did. May explain the rant at ATC and AKL Airport.

Anonymous said...

Relative got on a Thai flight to Bangkok. Taken off flight after staff member misheard passenger say "don't burst my drums" and interpreted it as explode. Four hours later re boarded and saw Australia bound flight leaving as he landed. Taken to accommodation in commercial district with caution that travel outside the building was a risk . Fed on chips and water from a vending machine. Arrived back at Airport to be told were not booked on new flight. Decide to pay for own accommodation until next days flight. Arrived at airport to be informed they were booked on flight but nearly missed it after trying to explain to immigration the reason the departure card was not in the passport was because the airline took it out 2 days previously.

1hr delay.... harden up.