Saturday, March 12, 2016

All It Needs Is a Press Release

I see some highly intelligent person in the U S has refused to pass her groceries through the check out on account of "I don't want any damned lasers near my food!"  She read out the bar codes and the check out chick had to punch in the codes

What a marvelous opportunity this presents for the leafy suburb, inner city dwelling, shit stirring nutters of NZ.

Just pop dawn to your local Greens Party HQ and get them to send out a press release.  The Herald will print it with front age shock horror headlines.  Don't forget to include the bit about 'overseas studies have shown,,,,,,'

Of course, were I an inner city supermarket owner. I would immediately open a 'laser free' check out lane.  With a twenty percent surcharge.


Noel said...

There's a large range of incorrect perceptions that lead to people to act so strangely. From " they introduce toxins into my food" to "its man made so its not organic".
Ironically they forget that the produce was scanned on entry to the store, when selected for the shelves and possibly a stock take before it gets to checkout.

Anonymous said...

You really must have met or read about some stupid people in your life. In all my years (and they are many) of shopping in the supermarket I have never seen or heard about anyone objecting to having their groceries passed over the checkout. Or is it that you are just trying to take a poke at the Herald or the Greens with your own strawman?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You appear to have some problems with comprehension. Suggest you read the post again.

Anonymous said...

I stand back in awe. In a few words you have managed to offend both the leafy and non leafy suburban dwellers and the genuine inner city residents by both confusing them as one and that they are all slightly doolally. Along with that you have offended almost all women including my wife by referring to them as "chicks". My daughter thinks that is the language of an elderly old fart who lives an isolated existence and doesn't get out much.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Your daughter needs to learn Australian. You yarpie, pommy francos wouldn't know matilda from a dildo.

And by the way, if you read a few of this country's newspapers you will find most of the Greens nutters really do live in leafy green inner city suburbs.

And by the way, unlike some, I didn't take part in the Boer war.

Noel said...

University and school holidays are finished here.
Most checkout operators left are middle age and appear proud to call themselves "checkout chooks".