Friday, March 25, 2016


While gas stations sell fuel, shops in sheltered places trade without sanction, Oderings Nursaries will have inspectors out at penal rates garnering days in Lieu gathering evidence to again impose a levy on the days profits for no other reason the retail nursary sees a market.
There is no sanction for the kiwi gardener taking the season end opportunity to do things that need doing but an increasingly out of touch moronic Canute like impotent act.
Just get with the reality and gracefully give it away.


Anonymous said...

Do away with the holiday itself would be a start. Anachronism in our multi cultural country.

Remove a number of silly laws with it. Make peoples behavoir a bit more rational. Auckland jammed up as usual.

But probably the Mobie inspectors will have the day off as well. They have been busy bodies running around inspecting anything building that moves or doesn't move.
Worse than stupid policemen with radars looking for the the 1 kph in a traffic jam.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yer another anonymous fool who want's to airbrush away the country's history and heritage.

The Veteran said...

I do agree we need to rethink what is acceptable and what is not. Seems strange that you can purchase groceries from a Mobile Shop and not from a supermarket. There are a myriad of inconsistencies in the legislation. Perhaps the answer is to do what we do on ANZAC Day ...
some may see that as a step too far but I'm not so sure in an increasingly secular society.

Musquito said...

Time to do away with all religious holidays. Replace them with an extra week's annual leave with a fair degree of flexibility in when to use those days.

I don't need two days off at Easter, but I would like to be able to take time to go up country and be with my people when we sing "Poor Pfellah My Country" and celebrate the Rainbow Serpent. Maybe go see my cuzzies and eat bunya.

While we're at it, we should start taxing the churches too, and use some of that money to undo the harm missionaries did to my people and to the little whitefella kiddies bin fiddled with by priests.

The Veteran said...

Mosquito ... well at least the missionaries persuaded your mob that eating each other wasn't quite kosher.

Musquito said...

Try that whitepfellah stuff eating each other, not us Koori mob. We tried, but whitepfella taste like tobacco; we give it up before we hooked.

You wanna talk about cannibals? Talk about what happened K'gari after that ship wrecked and mutinous crew. That 'liza Fraser lady lucky she lived.