Thursday, March 3, 2016


A service club owns a mid size marquee as a community amenity and project fund raiser.

City council requires a building consent for each erection,  some money, around $400, raised for charity is syphoned off as a tax each time . ( No inspections for years)
Where Marquee was in past times, erected as a service club contributory donation to another fund raising effort at no charge now has the permit fee imposed.

Service club has a facilitator who deals with the drones at city hall.

Club runs an annual event on public park  (another  mugging for  charity monies, groundrent  fee imposed ) as a fund raiser where Marquee is erected adjacent to public toilets.

Facilitator applies for permit for 2016 event,
Drone emails Facilitator asking what provision club has for toilets,
F replies pointing out council owned and maintained, public, open 24/7 ablution block right there only meters away, 
D emails asking how many bogs,
F replies he doesn't know and is not about to visit the female unit to investigate and any way D has access to that info somewhere a lot more accessible than F can access by driving to venue to count them, 
exchange ends with eventual silence from Drone.
Permit issued.
Money raised to assist needy and worthwhile causes eroded to assist City hall to pay drone.


The Veteran said...

Would that be the Labour controlled CCC perchance?

Ray said...

Doesn't have to be Labour, I am constantly amazed how many Brit immigrants have wangled themselves into jobs at the Council
Pennies to pounds there will be a Pom involved

Anonymous said...

Reds under the bed again Veteran? Like Chickenman, they are everywhere.

Ray: By "wangled" do you mean bribed, lied or supplied false references? This must be breaking news "COUNCIL PROCEDURES SUBJUGATED BY RACIAL GROUPS" I would immediately check all the curry houses licenses in case there is an Indian involved. Absolute proof of duggery involving skulls.

As Banks Peninsular has only one elected councillor perhaps Dodger could enlighten us to his nationality, political leanings and if he was any help when Dodger berated him for the councils tardiness.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Nothing about 'Reds under the Bed' and you know that. It's all about a Council that is run by faceless bureaucrats making stupid decisions. The fact it is a Labour controlled Council is interesting but incidental.

When I retired from the military I became spent a 8 years in local government where I was the CEO of a couple of Councils. Think I know a bit about how the bureaucracy works. On my second week on the job I decided to spend the morning on the rubbish cart seeing how the job was done, I went out with a road gang, I spent time looking at how the parks and reserves team went about their business. It was noticed and actually made my job easier as people saw me as prepared to get my hands dirty rather than pontificate from on high. Further, I had Council agree that the District Scheme should be seen as a guideline document rather than a Bible and that variations to the Scheme should be looked at on their merits rather than rejected out of hand. 'Why not' works far better than 'No'.

What I am saying is that it's all too easy for bureaucrats to sit behind their desks and make stupid decisions devoid of reality in the knowledge that they will hardly ever be called to account. It's wrong and when it happens the Council deserves to be called out. That's what this post was all about but if you want to defend stupid decision making than OTY.

Anonymous said...

Why are you arguing Dodgers corner Veteran? Perhaps we should wait and hear the answer to my question.

In my experience of local govt. no one ever got fired for saying NO. Stick to the protocols and do not make unilateral decisions is the safe way up the ladder.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... agreed and sad and local government would function far better if the bureaucracy approached their work on the basis of 'Why Not' rather than an outright 'No'. Your para 2 encapsulates the failure tag that applies to many TLAs today.