Wednesday, February 3, 2016


As we in this sometimes embarrassing little nation embark on another chaotic marking of the anniversary of a plenipotentiary from the mother land signing a bit of parchment to establish the British Crowns rule over a somewhat dishevelled bunch of colonial settlements and warring tribes of natives, comparisons are made every year contrasting Australia Day with our efforts.
Efforts that are every year portrayed to the world as another day of anarchy and riot when a very few part breed Maori seek to become celebrities for a day.

Of course in 1840 the Treaty then hit the road and for the South Island Maori, by then an ascendant Ngai Tahu, it was much later and I think it was well into the spring of 1840 that the last marks were made on one of by then many copies of the original.
So the first fifty on February the 6th were just the beginning of the final over 500 natives to sign one of the several copies.

Here in Akaroa the local natives who were a part of the initial drive to bring the British protections to bear after the serious depredations delivered by Te Rauparaha some ten years earlier when he sacked Kaiapoi then took out some remnants by successfully smashing then on the Onawe Peninsula, signed in the late Autumn of 1840.
The local Marae, known hereabouts as  The Kaik, just south of Akaroa was where H1 chose to go in 2000 after "Tits" mob reduced her to tears the previous year.

So why February the 6th when there are a myriad of signing dates that Mr Key could mark the Treaty without providing the Hadfields and their outlaw extended family another day in history.
The absolute rudeness and lack of respect, law abiding New Zealander are left rueing annually had a Groser sent opportunity this year to tell the anti social bunch of moronic savages locked in their stoneage beliefs to involve themselves in sex and travel, The Prime Minister has far better things to do.
As if the annual shenanigans at the home town of a Prophet a few days earlier are not bad enough.

It is difficult to keep up with the various positions presented so far as the conflicting tales emerge but last I heard Mr Key was going to do it all again and Nga Puhi will enjoy another few hours as the international image of our so called civilised nation.

If February the sixth is going to be our National Day then we must find a happier and more celebratory series of ways to mark it as a fit with the aspirational nation Mr Key says we must become, and that must also consign the rabble of Nga Puhi to the place in our nations fabric their annual buffoonery  deserves.

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