Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What a colossal misuse of taxpayer money

The beach belongs to the public of NZ.

No we havn't bought much for three and a half K and that will only grow as donors renege now they know the gunnint  is involved.
NZ Inc has bought the sand spit and a bit of the scrub under threat from the "rising sea levels" all those subscribing to AGW/ climate change rort understand so well now the science is settled!

This was how a real estate agent makes wet dreams, getting priceless publicity in a competitive tender where one party publically and increasingly kept raising the ante.

Enos (he knows everything and gives you the shits) Morgan attempted to get a leg over for his immediate family on the cheap with exclusive rights but failed spectacularly when he underestimated the almost bottomless pit of public stupidity

Give a little accept a slippage between pledge and pay of around 10% so when say $200 k plus evaporates and that will  be optimistic now donors know Aunty Maggie is the backstop, and adding in  the KDS factor.

So how desperately did we actually need this bit of sand, it is a very small part of .0001% of what we already own and can't actually control, develop or even keep free of noxious weed invasion.

New Zealand has been sold a Pup and the vendor, Wellington developer will probably join Toll Holdings Australia in their annual celebration of how to rob taxpayers with assistance from idiot ministers of the crown.

Geez I have a bridge planned to cross Akaroa harbour to Wainui from Greens Point in initial planning and I need some more dosh to get started so Aunty Maggie how much have you got.


Anonymous said...

Yep, sand spits are here today and gone tomorrow. Madness.


Onslow said...

Aided and abetted by the media cheerleaders who have decreed this to be a great thing.

Anonymous said...

God, you are a grumpy bugger. What annoys you the most? That some people are actually generous, altruistic and idealistic?


Ross said...

Quite a minor waste when you look at the spending on no-hopers to stay at home instead of doing some honest work.

Tinman said...

I partially agree with your point (I think - I'm not completely sure what your point is, it's written so badly) but when one assesses the matter coolly and calmly, a beach saved from the grasping hands of the Morgan fellow seems worth the pathetic amount the taxpayer subsidised the sale.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Hear hear!

Angry Tory said...

What annoys you the most?

That even more of NZ's land has been forever locked up from productive use.

grasping hands of the Morgan fellow

sounds like tall poppy syndrome to me. Neither Morgan made their millions from taxpayer handouts.

This beach and every square millimetre of national, regional, and urban parks should be moved as quickly as possible into private hands.

Tinman said...

Tony, it's in private hands.

Those hands are the hands of New Zealanders.