Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Mark Soloman The Ngai Tahu Godfather, Donald Couch Ecan Commissioner and Ecan Chair Dame Margaret Bazeley all looking very pleased with themselves.

The bill to restore elected representatives to attempt to run the Canterbury Regional Council,  quaintly named Ecan, when it previously demonstrated for nineteen straight years it could not run a beerfest in a brewery, leading to Wellington putting the totally dysfunctional outfit into statuary management under appointed commissioners, is a racist doozy.

Nga Tahu the bunch of now mixed blood descendants of the rampaging thugs who by conquest gained almost total domination of the South Island by the time civilisation arrived, will have two members of the partially elected council that is planned to be a step to full democracy restoration.

Now these noble savages as represented today by many with little more Maori blood than thousands of other mixed blood citizens have, following the awarding of thousands of acres of arable land deemed too dry for farming mid 20th century and planted in pinus radiata,  as part of their "Treaty Settlement", cleared most of it with plans to clear almost all of it and create a Dairy Behemoth  on very 'leeching prone' terrace lands bounded by two significant waterways. The Waimakariri at Eyrwell and the Hurunui at Balmoral.
If anyone thought sixty Beef cows being taken to the edge of Lake Taylor  for some hydration relief in high summer was an environmental problem, well you aint seen nothing yet.

Very few Cantabrians have any understanding of  the draconian regime currently in situ for monitoring effluent, nutrient and biological contamination threats or even water allocation and consent to use, all under the direct control of Ecan or as it became famously known, with the elected council constituted under an automatic urban and therefore socialist bent, as Ecant.
Now with entrepreneurial Canterbury to be under the jurisdiction of the socialist embedded majority of Christchurch City and the muddying influence of the regions biggest by a long way, Charity involving itself in the dairy boom, will the two Ngai Tahu representatives withdraw from all the biggest legislated functions of Ecan on the "conflict of interest" grounds.


Both rivers have serious summer low flow issues and Ecan has struggled to balance water use within parameters of fairness and equity, now I guess with this latest apartheid adjunct  delivered by central government, much of the potential problem for the special people will evaporate faster than irrigation in a Nor Wester as, in cahoots with the socialist numpties that will emanate from the city wearing their cloaks of ignorance, the way forward for the Tax cheats will be rapidly cleared.

Well done Mr Key and your racial policy towards a significant segment of our now very tarnished one people, pity you didn't make any provision for the Celtic peoples and I guess it will be but one minor step to extend your apartheid theories to the followers of the religion of peace when their numbers deserve such representation, as they  become a deprived  minority.

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