Sunday, February 21, 2016


Britons will vote on Thursday 23 June (why do they always hold elections/referenda on Thursdays?) whether or not to leave the EU.   This after Prime Minister Cameron secured a raft of concessions that will give the UK special status in the 28 member bloc.

I don't have a particular view on the matter and so I await with some interest what no doubt will be a learned dissertation from our titled friend, font of all knowledge, on the issue.

Suffice to say the Tories are split on the matter with a number of high profile Tories like Justice Secretary Michael Glove and former leader Iain Duncan-Smith campaigning in support of an OUT vote.   Labour too is split on the issue with Jeremy Corbyn, who has been a critic of the EU and who voted to leave in the 1975 referendum, now saying Labour will campaign to remain.   That decision is opposed by 'Labour Leave' headed by MP and former Minister of Sport Kate Hoey and backed by millionaire businessman, John Mills, the parties biggest individual donor in recent years.

The Lib Dems are committed to staying as is the Scottish National Party.    The UK Independence Party is at the forefront of the Brexit campaign.   That's their raison d'etre and common cause sure makes for strange bedfellows with hard left ex Labour MP George Galloway welcomed to the stage by UKIP leader Nigel Farange at a 'Grassroots Out' campaign event urging punters to vote to leave.  

So the next couple of months will be interesting.   One thing for sure ... if the UK votes OUT then David Cameron is toast.   A sub plot to all of this is which way Boris Johnson (outgoing Lord Mayor of London and newly elected MP) will jump.    In that respect I note that Eurosceptic Tory MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has warned Johnson that his hopes of becoming Tory leader will vanish if he doesn't back Brexit.



One of the issues that could/will swing it for brexit will be immigration.
Merkel's invitation to masses of muslim molesters has not gone down too well.
It does make you wonder about the madness of John key offering to take in Australia's unwanted refugees.
Not only will such vermin harm New Zealand, but Key will be undermining Australia's successful policy in holding back the boats- a policy so successful even a leftist Liberal like Malcolm Turnbull is keen to continue.
I was out in Lincolnshire today with UKIP friends canvassing the public.
Gainsborough is a Eurosceptic area and polling went 80-30 in favour of brexit, but with 83 don't knows, which suggest all is to play for.

alwyn said...

Why are elections held on Thursday?
Apparently because it was traditionally the Market day and people were in the towns.
On the other hand if Brussels gets its way they might have to switch to Sunday.
The Daily Mail is not amused.

The Veteran said...

Fairfacts Media ... in perspective. Key offered to take 150 asylum seekers resident in Nauru and PNG to be counted as part of our annual 750 quota of refugees (number currently under review) PROVIDED they were (1) genuine refugees (ie not economic refugees) and (2) that they met character requirements. To date (coming up three years after the offer) no-one has been accepted as meeting those tests.

Interesting your numbers. They might suggest that out in the Shires there is sentiment for Brexit. Gonna be interesting to see figures from cities with high immigrant numbers.

Alwyn ... thank you. So I take it that the Thursday is a normal working day?

Anonymous said...

I will try not to disappoint Veteran. The question is not in or out it is how you unravel laws and put back what has been dismantled over the years. The questions that no one will answer are: What is the status of 3,000,000 Britons living in Europe registered with the various countries health systems and pension schemes? What about the 500,000 French living and working in London? Where will the UK border begin, Calais as it is now or Dover? The Customs and tax implications are mind boggling and we haven't got to the added cost and extra delay of transport across the La Manche.

A Brexit renders all non international European airports built in the last 35 years verboten to UK flights as there are no customs areas or facilities. This in turn will isolate many thousands of British families living in France where the breadwinner commutes to London on a weekly basis. I have only touched on the massive upheaval a Brexit will cause.

The one bonus of a Brexit is that the raison d'etre of UKIP will be gone and it will cease to exist. I like and admire Nigel Farage but his party attracted some really unpleasant people that politics in general can do without. Witness the first post.

I'm afraid I will have to back the in mob and stay with devil I know because the unintended consequences have not been thought through.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

I try hard not to rise to troll baiting but in this case its late and well to hell with it.

“ stay with the devil I know because the unintended consequences have not been thought through”

And there we have it, pontification of the ignorant. Fortunately very many people have been thinking through the consequences and for many many years, in-fact so much so that they have even published a document all about it. Its called Flexit, over seen and organised not least by Richard North whose blog EU referendum has been around as long as blogs have. That source in particular has been dealing with it for years, so the public are not ignorant it has been thought out by very many more than you would imagine if you were to rely on your information from just the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, the Guardian, Murdock and Mail presses, but of course there are still those that are beyond hope.

And here is a hope, obviously the local troll still has skin in the game in the UK so perhaps he/she can bugger off back to Blighty and leave our southern hemisphere in peace where we can watch and continue to learn from and hopefully avoid the failed policies of European socialism.

Anonymous said...

You should have tried to resist the urge little harder. It would be helpful if you brushed up on your grammar and sentence composition, perhaps spelling Murdoch's name correctly would add a little more gravitas to your reply.

However I will do you the Courtesy of reading Mr North's blog although in the great scheme of things he is unknown. How do I address you when I come to any sort of conclusion.

Lord Egbut Nobacon
C/- Les Tetes Brulees
20 rue Verdiere
La Rochelle

Angry Tory said...

How could this be a question at all: To be slaves or to be free?

Boris Johnson is leading the BREXIT campaign: independence freedom in about four months time!

We know from the last election that over 60% of ENGLISH voters want out.

The Veteran said...

Two differing perspectives from Fairfacts (Little England) Media and Lord (Francophone) Nobacon. As I said in the post the campaign has certainly created some strange bedfellows.
Farange, Galloway, Johnson and Hoey now all the best of 'chummys'. Reminds me of a book I have in my library .... 'My Life' the autobiography of Sir Oswald Mosley. He too was a passionate 'European' and, if alive, would have been fronting the YES campaign wanted or not.

Angry Tory ... care to authenticate your statement that at the last election over 60% of English voters wanted out. The only ones you can be sure of were from those who voted UKIP who scored 12.7% of the total vote.

Anonymous said...

The cynic in me says that people, regardless of their position in life, will vote out of self interest. Mr Johnson and Mr Cameron have gambled their political futures on opposing one another.

All of Southern regions will vote to stay because they are wedded to cheap shopping and booze cruises to the continent. Bottle of good Vin rouge NZ$4.00, leg of export quality NZ lamb NZ$20.00, bottle of J&B whiskey NZ$20.00 and so on. 50% less than UK prices on food and drink.

After the dust settles you will find it actually makes very little difference to peoples wages or standard of living whatever happens. Scotland is the wild card here. The Auld Alliance is still alive and kicking and the welsh are a hell of lot more friendly with Breton France than is generally thought. Welsh skippers sometimes fly the Gwenn-ha-du, the Breton flag, over the Tricolouer when entering port in breach of accepted protocol.

Lord Egbut