Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Wananga Doesn't Change It's Spots

David Cunliffe is not short of chutspah.

He is attacking the head of the Tertiary Education Commission for failing to detect fraud on the part of so called tertiary education providers, often known as 'Te Wananga Something or Other..'

This time round the amount scammed appears to be around $30 million.

I seem to recall when David (I'm running this show now) Cunliffe was a cabinet minister there was a bit of a hoohaa about the same sort of thing.  Except in the case of Cunliffe's Labour administration, the amount scammed by the Bros was over $500 million.  Of course that was when the country was enjoying massive surpluses so they had to get rid of the money somehow to take the pressure off calls for tax cuts.

There's an old saying up North:-

Nobody is as smart as the Maori when it comes to getting hold of money and, once he's got it, nobody is as stupid.

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