Monday, February 1, 2016

The Truth Would Have Been Embarrassing.

Cameron Slater has a very full post on the Albert Park Picnic that doubled as the venue for Little Andy's State Of The Nation Address, with the printed prepared speech and a video of it's delivery.
 I am sorry having waded through the swill of the notes I only lasted a very short time watching the video.

Yes I am biased and very cynical at what was just yet another bribe to be paid in full with OPMs but in spite of the media party's very best efforts, it was very difficult to get any sort of a handle on the magnitude of the assembled crowd.
From the bits I watched there appeared to be every member of caucus with one glaring absentee who incidentally did not reach the notes or the very amateurish introduction, David James Shearer MBE  former NZLP leader who is as we speak being air brushed from all group images of those who pretend that the current leader is "El Chapo".

One very strong bit of evidence as to the actual size of the gathering for the 'sermon on the base of the Mount', ironically sharing the name of good ole boy Davy's seat that he inherited from another "non person" who led the NZLP to 9 years in power and committed the mortal ( for all but Phil "sport" Goff) sin of voicing support for the TPP, could be garnered by using the applause  generated.
My service club has meetings where we listen to a guest speaker and using that assembly of around 25 members as a guide and accepting that some guest speakers generate considerable applause, also the out door setting, it becomes very difficult to give that ripple as anything greater than three dozen at best. SWMBO who was making a Bacon and egg pie while I made a further attempt to listen to more of the video was even less generous and suggested 20 at best.
Add in that some would have been there for another reason entirely, it was Auckland Anniversary after all, and the almost perfunctory applause from a bunch of MPs including all but Shearer from Akl plus Hipkins, King and assorted other tribal members, the word Pathetic is forefront to my assessment.

Recently had a "drone" used to photograph our property for sale promotion and deducting the 150 Kms travel, the second operator who carried a movie camera through the house and the stills the actual cost of a very  full coverage of the 16 acres was peanuts and with a resolution would have enabled a fairly accurate head count.

Then again as the header states that would have been very embarrassing.


Ray said...

An early shot of the "crowd" by the shadow finance minister taken at 1 o'clock gave 35 including those wearing red "we are in control" T shirts

Ray said...

Sorry 65 was the number