Thursday, February 18, 2016


As a student of history you occasionally pick up some amusing anecdotes.   I like this one from Montague Browne, Winston Churchill's private secretary in his later years.

Churchill was sitting at a table in a Monte Carlo casino when Frank Sinatra passed by.   Sinatra paused and shook Churchill's hard firmly.   On leaving he was heard to say 'I've been waiting to do that for ages'.

Churchill turned to Montague Brown and said 'Who the hell was that?'


Redbaiter said...

No respect for the Union Jack yet you write in praise of Churchil.

The Union Jack on our flag identifies us as a member of a group of countries with similar origins. It identifies us as a colony of a country that bought law and civilisation to a large part of the world.

A country that brought us cricket and Rugby, two of NZ's main sporting disciplines.

Yet you and many other Nat party members treat it with contempt.

The flag change was tried ten years ago and could only muster a 100,000 signatures, far below the 10% or population needed.

Then along comes shyster Key who used PUBLIC MONEY to revitalize the issue. And to try and swing an improved result. Disgusting contrivance and dishonesty bordering on cowardice.

The right way to do this would be to wait until leaving the parliament and then carry out the campaign privately.

Key was asked about the misuse of his position on Checkpoint tonight but arrogantly refused to answer.

National have no right to engineer with taxpayer money this fake and flawed operation to remove the Union Jack from the NZ flag and replace it with some pissant tinpot dictator style emblem.

Just more evidence of the derelict group of commies that the Nat Party has become, even more so since Key became leader.

The Veteran said...

Red ... you're pushing it with your threadjacking ... be warned. So you're wedded to voting NO ... that's your prerogative ... it's a free vote and ain't that terrible ... people being actually allowed to express an opinion. Like it or not the National Party was elected on a promise to conduct a referendum on this issue. As to my own position ... I believe its time to change the flag but I set my bar fairly high and I'm not sure the alternative decided in the first referendum reaches that bar.

You fling epithets like 'commies' round with quite reckless abandon. Said it before and I'll say it again ... there is absolutely no difference between the rabid Right and the extreme Left ... joined at the hip ... both are contemptuous of any other opinion other than their own. You're one of them but I suspect you're too thick to understand where I'm coming from

Anonymous said...

Mister Baiter, I think I have spelt that correctly, I admire your passion and the sentiment behind your post but you are mixing your metaphors along with your political persuasions.

Look up the origins of the word Communist because as such I am one.

Veteran: I hardly think that the flag referendum was top of the list when voting for a Govt. I should imagine that schools health, crime and affordable housing were up there somewhere.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

WSC had a special relationship with Brendan Bracken (MP for North Paddington 1929-45) through until BP's death in 1958. Clementine was not overly fond of him with his tendancy to stay over at Chartwell uninvited, that he called her 'Clemmie' (reserved for WSP) and with the rumour that suggested that he could be WSC's illegitimate son.

She tackled Churchill over this ... his response ... that he had checked but the dates didn't coincide ... priceless.