Saturday, February 6, 2016


Svetlana Alliluyeva (Stalin) was a troubled soul forever trying (unsuccessfully) to shake off the shadow of her father and never coming to terms with her mother's (Nayda) suicide in 1932.

Just before she died in November 2011 she typed this letter to her daughter Olga. She spoke as if she were were writing it after her death.    It is both beautiful and poignant (with a touch of humor at the end) .....

      I am always with you, in loving way.  Remember that.   We who are now
      without bodily traits, only spirits, we love you on Earth nevertheless.
     Therefore, do not cry about us. Never, never cry about us.  Because your
     cries only disturb us here.  We cannot do anything about it.  But we, the
     spirits now, always love you.  We can feel it sometimes ... You can feel it
     sometimes ... a warm wind or breath touching your skin.  That is us. That 
     are us.  I know that, since I am now, too. only a spirit, only a soul ... only?
     Oh, we can do a lot from here.  We can protect you from disaster, we can 
     embrace you, there ... like a warm cocoon.  We can heal all your self-
     inflicted troubles, because from here, high above Earth, we can see very
     well.   And we can always help you out.   But never, never cry about us,
     rather, think about us always with a smile.   We love you forever and 
     ever.   I say WE ... because we are many here, loving souls.  Even my
     own so-perplexed mother; she finally got rid of those confusing earthly
     worries, and here she is a beautiful soul like she had been, indeed.   We
     all love you.  Do not cry about us.   We love you.  Your Mum.  Sorry for
     bad typing, alas I did not improve even here!

I would have enjoyed meeting her.


Anonymous said...

Warm and fluffy but probably nonsense without any theological basis in any theology.


The Veteran said...

She was variously atheist, Russian Orthodox, Episcopalian and Catholic with a touch of Hindu mysticism thrown in for good measure so I guess the cherry picked the bits from each that she felt comfortable with. He American born daughter received her secondary education in an English Quaker School.