Saturday, February 20, 2016

Spot The Difference

John Key and National go in to bat for hard working Kiwis who need a hand while Andree Little, Kelvin Davis and Labour go in to bat for Kiwi crims needing a jail sentence.

I've met a number of hard working Kiwis here who have struggled mightily because they were unable to receive unemployment benefits upon loss of a job after three or four years.

Congratulations to both John Key and Malcolm Fraser for turning back one of Helen Clark's worst most unfair decisions.  Like Bill Shorten, she sold out her own people.  That seems to be the Labour/Labor way.

If you thought the 'dildo' bounce in the latest Roy  Morgan poll was good stuff, just wait until this deal hits the polls.   Most Kiwis have family members or know someone who is struggling in Aussie.


Anonymous said...

Too many Malcolms?


Anonymous said...

The changes don't come into effect until July 2017 and preliminary investigations suggest there is only a marginal change to the permanent residency period.

I'm sure we will see by next year the treatment will be equitable to what Australians obtain in New Zealand?

Noel said...

2017 NZ election year.
I wonder how this will effect the drive for Kiwi's in Australia to make a trip home before the next elections to continue their eligibility to vote.

Anonymous said...

Is Jonkey pulling on his nose an indication he thinks it really stinks?

johnno said...

Labour warns the Govt that the Aussie-raised crims are a danger to New Zealand. Guess what? They were right.

The Nats proved powerless again to our Aussie neighbours. Less pyjama diplomacy, more standing up for ordinary NZers here.

The Veteran said...

johnno ... are you for real. These are crims. They are NZrs. Aust is a sovereign nation. Pray tell why you think NZ 'crims' (like the fine upstanding person featured in your link) should be exempt from Aust law.

You go into bat to right a wrong. In this case it's for NZrs who are contributing members of Aust society and who want to become Australians; that's standing up for ordinary NZrs ... something HC et al never managed.

You don't waste political capital batting for NZ crims and why Labour continues to do so quite beats me ... and why should you. There is no political gain for the Aust Govt in reversing their decision to deport crims ... quite the opposite ... you might say in doing so they are standing up for ordinary Australians.

This policy change is a win for both NZL and Aust.

johnno said...

Labour consistently demanded that these Aussie-raised crims stayed in Australia. Why should NZ have to put up with Australia's dregs?

Anonymous said...

Quite right jonno but don't expect at Nat. to understand we don't want Australian raised and trained crims. ( the Nats. intellect simply doesn't extend to that understanding but they will whinge and carry on about crime and being tough(which they aren't, just to make a point come election time.

It seems that the deal will allow the top 30% to apply and be granted but the rest will be no better off.

Typical Claytons deal brokered by Key.all smoke and mirrors as usual.

Anonymous said...

It is really interesting to note how the left have changed their story once it had sunk in they were on the wrong side of an issue.

Davis showed he is truly a politician on One news. Standing there saying 'we warned you' when he did nothing of the sort.

What they were initially saying was how cruel the deportations were for those who considered themselves Australian with no family networks in NZ. Wonder if he can lay straight in bed?


The Veteran said...

Johnno and now Anon 6.45 ... are you thick or something. They weren't Oz. They had no right of permanent abode in Oz. They offended. They paid the price of their offending. Stop pimping for crims.

As for the deal. Welcomed by Kiwis in Oz and NZL by Labour and the Greens. There are some who will miss out and it's not Key's fault. Oz, a sovereign country, makes the calls and whatever way you want to play it ... National did what Labour and the their misfit partners in crime failed to do. Win for the Govt, fail for Labour ... look at the polls and weep ... I mean how good is 27%.

Psycho Milt said...

John Key and National go in to bat for hard working Kiwis who need a hand while Andree Little, Kelvin Davis and Labour go in to bat for Kiwi crims needing a jail sentence.

More accurately, the difference is that Andrew Little, Kelvin Davis and Labour go into bat to discourage Australia from sending NZ-born Australian criminals to NZ, while John Key and National go into bat for making it easier for educated, skilled NZers to become Australians.

The Veteran said...

PM ... I say again, look at the polls and weep ... middle NZL have decided whose right and whose wrong.

Anonymous said...

"Kiwis" are Aussie dregs by definition. The real mystery is why Turnbull is such a wimp, not why Key is such a great negotiator.

Any real reform in NZ would result in Aus permanently closing the door to bulging, useless, Kiwis. Can't happen soon enough.

If you want to emigrate, join the queue, pay you AUD10,000, take Aus citizenship and ditch the buldger-kiwi-liberal crap.

Noel said...

"pay you AUD10,000, take Aus citizenship and ditch the buldger-kiwi-liberal crap."

Name calling is it. NZ $470 vs AUD 10,000. So Aussies are rip off merchants?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Goodness me. I didn't know people smugglers had opened up a trans Tasman trade.

The Veteran said...

Ahaaaaa Anon 10.37 ... the real dinky die Ocker speaks ... from the land that happily lays claim to Phar Lap, Pavlova, Fred Hollows, Jo B-P, Sam Neil, Russell Crowe, Split Enz, Lorde, Nancy Wake, the ANZAC Biscuit, Captain James Shout, Sonny B-W and my sister ... all are dregs ... Gueez, thanks for that.

Would you like me to list some nasty Australians ... starting with yourself?