Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The latest moron tossing something at a MP to appear in Christchurch District Court this morning.

Surely he will be remanded to Hillmorton Hospital for a Psychiatric Report and then restrained under the Mental Health Act.

Almost slam dunk really.

Stuff reports the poor man lost a fifteen year old son when the bus his son  was in was crushed in the event on February 22 2011 by falling building facades
Shit happens,  gee he does need help, an act of God or totally unforeseen genuine accident, take your choice but it was five years ago.

Yes it was a tragedy but is that a reason to toss a mixture of who knew what over a Cabinet minister.
I note Gerry asked his security to release the man they had restrained but I guess when hatred and scenes of a nurse who maybe should be a patient being lauded in media, and the fat arse Bradford Woman blocking traffic and pedestrians occurring without sanction it is a small step to tip Mr Howland over to commit common assault.

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Anonymous said...

They bring it on themselves by standing around like lemons. Brownlee is a fat glossy wimp. Who said you can't polish a turd?

What you need is is an ex merchant seaman deputy PM.