Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Until Iowa stole a march on them with their caucuses New Hampshire was the first State out of the starting blocks to hold its Presidential Primary election.    And since 1960 all eligible voters in the small hamlet of Dixville Notch (pop 12) have gathered at their 'local' (The Balsams) where, on the stroke of midnight, they cast their votes which are tallied and their moment in the sun (moon) passes as quickly as it arrived.

Dixville Notch used to be 'hard-shell' Republican.   In the 1960 Presidential election it voted 9-0 for Nixon over Kennedy.   Four years later it voted 8-1 for Goldwater over Johnson (caused a stir in the town ... who was the traitor).  In later years the contest became more even as the Republicans relinquished what had been their vice like grip on the small New England States.

Not an overly good record in picking winners.   In 1984 and on the Democrat side they choose 'Fritz' Hollings (3 votes) over 'Fritz' Mondale, eventual nominee (2 votes) while four years later they choose Dick Gephardt (4 votes) over Paul Simon (3 votes) with Michael Dukakis, eventual Democrat nominee, failing to trouble the scorers.

Bit more sedate of the Republican side although in 2012 John Huntsman Jnr tied with Mitt Romney (the eventual nominee) 2 votes each with Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich each picking up one vote apiece.

And so to the 2016 vote just announced.   In the blue corner it was Bernie Sanders all the way (4 votes) and the sheila zip.   In the red corner it was John Kasich heading Donald Trump 3-2.   Everyone else 0.

9 votes cast in 1960 and 9 votes cast in 2016.   Clearly boom-town not and contraception in Dixville Notch alive and well (no pun intended).

Updated ... with the hamlets of Millfield and Hart's Landing also voting early and on the Democrat side Sanders now leads Clinton 17-9 while for the Republicans Trump, Kasich and Cruz are in the lead with 9 votes each.


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