Sunday, February 14, 2016


One of the few times I have ever publicly rebuked a public servant tending her formal advice to a committee I chaired was when she suggested that the Mongrel Mob could be likened to a Masonic Lodge and that they should not be judged on perception.

Silly little 'bint'.    The Mongrel Mob is for-square and centre into drug manufacture and distribution, robbery, murder and general mayhem.   They have no respect for their 'women' or any women; they have no respect for society and its norms. They are our equivalent of the Mafia and should be dealt to as you would deal to rabid dogs.

So, given that, perhaps it's time that serious consideration be given to declaring the Mongrel Mob a 'prohibited organisation'.    What might that mean ... translated it could mean that those who choose to be members of the 'mob' are denied the benefits and entitlements that accrue to 'normal' members of society. That they are classed as outlaws in the land and are treated as such.   No entitlement to social housing, no entitlement to benefits, no entitlement to medical treatment or anything else.

Renounce the mob and you're back in just like Selwyn Clarke, wannabe 28 (Maori) Battalion war veteran who this week surrendered himself to the Courts and got his WDP back (see my earlier post).

Against the Bill of Rights.   Of course but you can equally argue that by their actions they have abrogated those rights and that anyway there is a path way forward for them should they so choose to take it.



Anonymous said...

Dr Gilbert been denied access to Police data just because he published a book detailing how Police, Government and Local Body policies haven't really changed the Mongrel Mob and other Gangs for decades doesn't help.

I presume you have a new policy initiative you want to put forward that will deal to the problem for all time?

The Veteran said...

Anon ... there has been attempted engagement with the MM for decades and nothing has changed.

That suggests 'engagement' ain't working and it won't for an organization that exists and works outside of societal norms. So perhaps we should stop pretending that the status quo is acceptable because it isn't. If you accept that then it is right to explore other avenues ... I have suggested one; there may be others.

But at least we should be having an honest conversation about what is to be done.

Anonymous said...

The troubling thing is that govts are cowardly and laws passed to deal with the MM will be used on softer targets with the MM left alone still. I'm not sure what the answer is beyond locking up all real violent criminals for much longer as soon as the journey down that path begins. Getting rid of welfare would also dent them severely in my view.


Anonymous said...

If anyone can draw a distinction between the MM and Black Power, Bandidos, Hells Angels,
etc etc I would be grateful. There is a lawyers lifetime of work trying to get that one passed into law.

Think outside the square. Al Capone was gaoled for tax evasion, not for being a thoroughly bad egg.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you're right of course re Capone but Mr average MM member probably doesn't pay tax over and above that automatically taken from his benefit pymts.

Again, all I would ask is that there be an honest conversation about what to do with gangs out of control because sure as hell, the status quo ain't working.

Anonymous said...

What about the "Whole of Government Action Plan to Reduce the Harms caused by NZ Adult Gangs and Transnational Crime Groups" of 2014.

I really love the focus on the "Sart at Home" programmes whilst their off spring are cowardly targeting the unsuspecting individual who may inadvertently enter their "patch". If caught they simply add another diversion brownie point from the Youth Court after a family group conference where the victim isn't allowed to attend.

Here's an idea. Lets put the focus on the tally of the cost to the victims of these thugs activity and disregard the focus on court costs, how many appear at the youth court (quarter) or in prison (half) .

Anonymous said...

You obviously know fuck all about gangs @The Veteran, just what you hear and read which is fucken typical coming from someone who hides behind keyboards and alias. Not all of them are like that just some. Just like every other group in the world good and bad in everything.

The Veteran said...

Anon 3.45 (who hides behind Anon as his alias). So you would jopin the dipstick public servant whose advice to me was the the MM should be viewed as a brown version of the Masonic Lodge. Last thing I heard the 'Lodge' wasn't much into drug manufacture and dealing, murder, rape, violent assault, guns etc etc etc ... are you actually for real and do you have gang connections? Figures.

Angry Tory said...

If anyone can draw a distinction between the MM and Black Power, Bandidos, Hells Angels,
etc etc I would be grateful.

the rest don't get millions and millions of government funding, don't support terrorism, and don't aim to replace the government of NZ with "Maori Sovereignty"

We should treat them the way Thatcher (not Blair) treated the IRA: hunt them down and wipe them out, not give them tens of millions and seats in parliament. Imagine if Thatcher had ordered the operation 8 raids: it would have been the first of many, and the problems would have been sorted/

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... would you please stop posting as Angry Tory. You get us good Torys a bad name.

Anonymous said...

You demean me Veteran, the man is clearly simple.

Actually the public servant wasn't to far off the mark when comparing MM to the Masons. Some of the most appalling decisions both in law and in Govt have been the direct result of Masonic interference. (Read The Brotherhood).

My contention is that if you want to make life difficult for gangs you attack their HQ through local authority laws. All gang houses within city boundaries targeted with the myriad of laws on the books but never enforced. Number of occupants? Height of fences, double check the last census is an offense to lie, keep them in court and paying out for lawyers. Get the utility company unions on side so their members refuse to enter gang property to repair stuff because they fear for their safety. They will soon get sick of it.

You are the apparatchik Veteran, delve into local Govt statutes and show us the direction. All it requires is the will

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... I hardly think that in contemporary society the Masons can be compared with the MM and 'The Brotherhood' might be seen as a latter day version of the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'.

That aside, yep, what you suggest is another tool in the toolbox. Problem with all of this is that you have a section of society, typified by the likes of Anon 3.45, who would argue the gangs are misunderstood and fulfill a societal vacuum. That they have rights and that those rights must be respected. That's why local government is split on the issue and prefers to turn a blind eye. Until society recognizes that the MM are a cancer and that radical surgery is required to deal to them then nothing much will change.