Sunday, February 7, 2016


I write this with some sadness.   There are good folk in Ngapuhi but the reality is that inter-tribal differences have made them almost ungovernable.   And so it is with the TiTi Marae; be it the refusal to grant Prime Minister Clark speaking rights or the threat of violence against Prime Minister Key to stop him coming onto the Marae, orchestrated by one of the Marae trustees; the Marae leadership has lost the plot in spades.

And talk about mixed messages.   An imperious letter sent by the trustees to the Prime Minister's office laying down various conditions at variance with what had, up until now, been the norm.   No matter that speakers 'welcoming' him were going to harangue him on all matter of issues with the TPPA featuring prominently, Key could not respond.  Instead he was expected to hold his tongue and instead argue his case in 'Hone's tent' (doesn't that designation just about sum it all up) later in the day.

And was that same letter sent to Labour, the Greens and NZ First?   Not on your Nelly and, to add insult to injury, they were allowed to talk politics at their welcoming even although that too was chaotic with Andrew Little forced to wait an hour at the Marae gate in the teaming rain while the welcome to the Greens was played out. Clearly the notion that all Parties would be welcomed on the Marae together went out the window too.

Back to the matter of violence.  It hung heavy in the air and, no matter that Hone said that he would protect John Key, he would not be the only one in the firing line.   The rhetoric by the unwashed had been ratcheted up to the point where mob action, once started, would have quickly escalated into riot.   And, if it had, the PM would have been blamed for starting it.   The situation was out of control and Ngapuhi must accept collective responsibility for their omni-shambles.

TiTi Marae has no special status.   The focus is and must remain on the Treaty House Grounds and the Upper Marae which is home to all the tribes.

Ngapuhi have, by their actions over the years, edited themselves out of being afforded any special status on Waitangi Day.    Perhaps David Seymour has a point in arguing that each year a different tribe be designated as the host tribe for the Waitangi commemorations.

But I'll leave the final word to John Roughan (hardly a shill for the GRWC) when he said in an opinion piece a couple of days ago "What a pity Waitangi is not in the care of a better tribe, and what a pity the only face of Maori politics the public continues to see on the streets of Auckland damning an economic agreementin which 12 Pacific nations uniquely recognise New Zealand's governing Treaty."


Paulus said...

Easy - ignore the Te Tii Marae on the Friday and only go to the Treaty Ground commemorations on Waitangi Day.
If the ferals on the lower marae want to play stupid buggers alone let them.
How much does the taxpayer pay for this lower marae annual largess - food provided by the Army I believe, security and accommodation. and tents.

The Veteran said...

Paulus ... I think you are right re tentage and food being paid for out of the public purse. Not sure about security and accn. Would be interested to know how many of the media ponied up the $750 for the privilege of entering the Marae when you could have just as easily filmed it all from outside.

I agree the main focus of attention for all (including Ngapuhi) should be on the Treaty House Grounds.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Another once proud institution wrecked by the insidious march of the Left.

Anonymous said...

Ngapuhi has done all other Kiwis a favour, they have displayed their true vile, greedy and arrogant nature. The Treaty has been an opportunity for the tribe to advance strong relations and policies. They blew it! Good riddance.


JC said...

To understand Ngapuhi and their enablers, protesters, activists and lefties you need to walk a mile in their shoes and ask this fundamental question.. what would happen if grievances were resolved.. or just as bad looked they were being addressed and resolved?

I'd follow that question with this statement from me.. "The closer to resolution of any problem the more desperate and violent must be the opposition to resolution from many people."

And of course the follow up question is what would said Ngapuhi, enablers, activists and lefties do if problems are resolved?

The future is bleak for these people without their cause.


Anonymous said...

John Key calling the thowing of a sex toy appalling.
What have we had in the past mud, eggs, and some thing or another.
This time it's something connected with the protest and he's appalled?

Anonymous said...

"Connected with the protest?" Eh????? Wake up!


Anonymous said...

There are 2 sides to every story. A ficticious and the real.