Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Hampshire

It's entertaining to watch the US primaries on the net.

I watched an hour or so of Iowa, towards the end, and the first hour today of New Hampshire.

Three things struck me about New Hampshire.

1    The networks called the winners with only five or six percent of the votes counted.  I thought that was a bit brave but as time went by, the winning margins increased.

2    An early exist poll put a very high percentage of Democrat voters specifying trust and honesty as their top priorities.  Hence Clinton's resounding defeat.  The younger people prefer an old  honest commie to a lying money grubbing old bitch.

3    The only talking point of any interest concerning Clinton was whether she could keep Sanders' lead below a twenty percent margin.   She couldn't.

4     I wonder if Biden will run?


Ghost Of Greenwood said...

The Democrat establishment are going to have to kneecap Bernie fairly soon, surely? They can't let him win this, Nurse Ratched is owed the nomination - for her loyalty in putting up with and helping Bill thru all of his past "indiscretions" And speaking of Bill, he looks frail, when he speaks he rambles, a mere shadow of the Slick Willie of old.

pdm said...

Where do you think Bloomberg fits in this scenario if he puts his hat in the ring?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Not sure pdm. Confess I have taken little notice of him.

Suspect he has more brains and ability than Biden.

The Veteran said...

With Bloomberg anything is possible. His personal wealth assessed at $41b trumps Trump in spades. He was a Democrat prior to 2001 when he switched to the Republicans to run for the NY majority while in 2007 he threw his toys out of the bath yet again and became an Independent.

Were he to run as an Independent and with his oft stated pro-abortion, pro-gun control and liberal views on immigration he would most likely eat into the Democrat demographic.

Whatever, be has the wealth to create a lot of happy mischief.