Thursday, February 4, 2016


to the Ti Ti Marae at Waitangi.    The lunatics have taken control of the asylum.   The debate in Maoridom over the TPPA has become irrational egged on by the lies pedaled by opponents of the agreement.  

I doubt whether anyone at Ti Ti has bothered to do the hard yards and read the agreement.   If they had then the sort of canard being pedaled around the unwashed that the agreement could see Maori prisoners sent off-shore to serve their time in US and Aust prisons would be seen for what it is ... loony tunes stuff.

What has happened on the Marae is mirrored in the discord among Ngapuhi as to who has the mandate to negotiate their treaty claim(s) and you can see why. Their leadership has been highjacked by the likes of Kingi Tauroa, Sonny Tau, Hone Harawira, Margaret Mutu and the Popata brothers.   And so it is with the TPPA debate ... rationality has gone out the window.    In their world there is no place for informed and peaceful discussion.   It's time for action and if action means forceful action then sobeit.   Ngapuhi have never been shrinking violets when it comes to violence.

More moderate leaders like Rude Taylor and Rahiri Dargaville have been sidelined.   Their mana counts for very little.   The radical element is in charge and, with tensions high and escalating, there is the potential for real violence and people could get hurt.

The PM does not need to put himself or his people at risk.   He is not dealing with rational people.   Better he leaves Ti Ti to the lunatics.    They are what they are and KDS rules supreme.  Nothing he can say or do will cause them to change their minds.

Updated 5.17 ... reports have it that the PM will not be attending Ti Ti.   Sensible decision in light of the conflicting statements from the Marae 'leadership' concerning the basis of the invitation.   Enough is enough.   Ti Ti has, by its own actions, edited itself out of the formal Waitangi Day celebrations.   Government (any Government) should think long and hard before agreeing to return.   The Treaty House grounds should be the focus for any commemoration.


The Realist said...

Good on him
I wouldn"t go up there to be insulted that that unprepossessing bunch of unlovely bastards

Anonymous said...

Do you really think the Treaty of Why is safer oop there than Wellington. Look what happened when a loony who whose gruntle went missing did to the Americas cup.

Your thoughts on the security of the document??

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Stop drinking whisky egbut , you are generally annoying but often make sense, but not today

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... tangential question. Short answer ... the new museum complex adjacent to the treaty House grounds was designed to allow the docu to be displayed securely.

I doubt even whether the crazies who inhabit TiTi would see much sense in trying to damage/steal it although, to be fair, given that throwing Molotov cocktails at MPs offices seems to be de regueur as part of the 'peaceful' protests against the signing of the TPPA. I guess anything is possible.

In all the coverage yesterday Maoridom was over represented in the protests. They are being led by the nose by the sort of crap I referred to in the post and that is sad.

But perhaps not as sad as Ngapuhi ... their mana is a train wreck.