Tuesday, February 9, 2016


The morons are claiming John Key(s) has "Broken a Promise" he made in the light of H1 diverting to the Marae South of Akaroa  after suffering a bit of hows your father at the hands of the Hadfields,  in 2000.
Mr Key had little choice with all the conflicting options from Paint Face and his equally deficient cohorts.

Sorry people,   Mr Key correctly refused to be a part of the disreputable rabble led by a face painted nonentity who elevated himself to a prominence with no clear apparent standing, legal, cultural, or political  with the full support of the Media Party, with a suggestion that as the spokesperson for a very small part of one percent of Nga Puhi he could proscribe what the Prime Minister could address at the little "johnnie cum lately outfit next door to the treaty grounds where Nga Puhi demonstrate annually they would struggle to organise an orgy in a brothel.
Hang on that is pretty much what they have done year on year since Kirk, Rata and then the idiot Palmer used executive power to change how a majority of new Zealand viewed the racial coexistence between Maori and the rest of us.
What  started as a Naval commemoration   with zero Maori participation after WW2, ceremonies at Busby's little crib grew until the socialist rent a mob, Hadfield branch, made Te Tii the Waitangi Eve riots.

David Seymour's suggestion that the annual commemoration of the first signing of the pacification treaty that incidentally  immediately appealed to many Maori leaders as a way to stop inter tribal warfare and conquest, be focussed annually at the many subsequent sites and by the time it returns to Waitangi in around 20 years time, sanity might have settled on the clearly most dysfunctional tribal outfit of all.

As for old paint face  he can go and involve himself in sex and travel and be relegated to the nonentity status his idiotic actions deserve.
To the Morons who are desperately suggesting John Key(s) has "broken a promise", sheesh had the man died he could have been similarly accused.

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