Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hikoi ... verb, origin Maori word meaning 'to walk'.

Reported in the local news last week that Maori were gearing up for a new Hikoi to start at the Cape and ending up at Waitangi to protest the TPPA, mining, sovereignty issues and .... and .... and ....

And so it was that a a couple of hours ago and driving back from a meeting up in the Far North I came upon the 'Hikoi' taking a well earned break for refreshments outside the Okaihau Liquor Store.   But this was no ordinary Hikoi ... seven cars, two displaying the Hone's sovereignty flag, escorted by plod in a police ute (hope he checked the vehicles for regos and wofs because some of them looked quite 'dodgy').

So, no walking for this lot.   Doing the hard yards in comfort.    One thing I do know ... if Dame Whina were still around she would be boxing their ears for trampling on the mana of the Hikoi.

Lazy Buggers .... fits.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Now let me do my 'rithmetics. 7 cars x 6 per car.... hang on I need to take my jandals off....

Golly I nearly ran out of fingers and toes, that's a lot of Hikoi-ers!

Do you think the numbers will increase by the time they get to Whinetangee?

The Veteran said...

TTSP ... sorry, should have said ... I counted 22 + 2 x plod + a further 2 characters (looked Indian rather than Maori) standing outside the entrance to the liquor store. They may or may not have been part of the 'Hikoi'. Okaihau is a very small place and the liquor store (formally the pub) is the only building on SH1. Suspect the numbers will increase by the time they get to the TiTi (Lower) Marae at Waitangi ... I mean the mob there will only have to walk/drive 300m to the Waitangi/Paihia roundabout to join in the action.

Shelldrake said...

Must be a lot of Hikers away from their workplaces today. Hope they have enough annual leave left after the festive season!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Reminds me of the Hopeless Hikoi for Hope some years ago. They walked the downhill bits but had buses for the uphill bits.

Of course it all depends on how you define the word 'walk.' The bros will be studying Bill Clinton's definition of 'sexual relation' carefully.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hijack the thread but the Hikois, which are old hat, should have taken a leaf out of this kids book. I thought that I would tell this story to point out to all those who think privatisation of Govt. assets is the answer. You cannot privatise an industry that has no natural competition and the moment you ‘import” competition you have then defeated the very thing you hoped to attain.

This happened last week in the UK. An 18 year old student who lived 2k from Stanstead Airport in London was given a lift to Sheffield (about 180 miles). When he enquired about the train journey home on the “privatised” train he was gobsmacked at the price. But not thwarted our hero took the shuttle bus to the nearest airport and flew to Berlin (private airline but with heaps of competition) never having been to Berlin before and with six hours to wait he caught the shuttle train, went sightseeing and bought one of those grunty German sausage sandwiches for lunch.
Shuttle bus back to Berlin airport and a flight to London Stanstead where he intended to walk home but the weather was a bit inclement so he rung his mum.

The total cost of his journey, including the sandwich, was NZ$15 cheaper the the train fare. Now you wonder why the renationalisation of the British railways has struck a chord with the UK traveling public.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... please don't threadjack. But to answer your little story and it would be helpful if you told the whole story like 'time' taken ... his jaunt vs direct by train (actually you can't go direct by train ... change at Derby). With a modicum of research the little petal could have gone by coach (National Express) in a tad under 4 hours for the princely sum of eight quid on a non refundable ticket purchased on-line.

And, if you honestly believe that 'nationalisation' will bring cheaper rail fares, then say hullo from me to the tooth fairy too when you next see him/her.

Anonymous said...

Your pedantry knows no bounds, as you are aware it was done to highlight the iniquities of the fare structure. He could have hang glided home or rung his mum. But as you and the tooth fairy seem to accept that $12,000 for a season ticket on some London lines is normal I will seek a dark place to rest..

Oh sorry, I was supposed to get into along discussion about UK travel choices.

Lord Egbut