Saturday, February 27, 2016

He Might Have Got Away It........

.......but for the blogs.

Phil Goff, that is.

Goff mounted an attack on John Key via a spurious claim that should he be elected Mayor of Auckland he would take the Remuera Golf Club's land and use it to develop 'affordable housing.'

If you read the comments at Kiwiblog you will see what a tissue of lies this was.  I'm surpised he was not able to point to some 'strikingly attractive' person in the rocess. (Remember that slimy debacle?'

The guts of his claim was that the land belongs to the Council and generates little if any revenue 'for the ratepayer' and is closed to the public.

Thanks to Kiwiblog, the voters of Auckland now are properly informed.

1  A small part of the land is owned by the coucil but is leased to the club for the next 75 or more years.  (So Goff's affordable housing project will commence in 2094.

2  Essentially swampland, it is not suitable for residential deveopment.  (Liquefaction, anybody?)

3  The club pays a commercial rate of ground rent AND council rates.

4  The course is open to any member of the public who wishes to pay modest green fees.  (Denarau golf course in Fiji charges a hell of a lot more than Remuera.)

All in all, Goff simply has confirmed for one and for  all that he is a loose mouthed idiot.


macdoctor said...

No confirmation was necessary...

Angry Tory said...

Nope - just that he'll arrange for parliament to legislate to break the lease on the council land. and forcibly purchase the club land --- no doubt to build 'affordable housing' in the middle of Remuera (what in my day we just called slums).

If we'd never had the stupid Labour-party local government reforms; if only actual ratepayers got to vote - then the chance of Goff (or Brown, or any other communist) being elected in the super-city would be zero.

The Veteran said...

Angry Tory ... having Parliament legislate to break a lease is about as likely as seeing them them vote to reduce the number or MPs or to reduce their pay.

Goff is doing a Peters. Empty rhetoric looking for a headline ... anything but anything for a headline. It's much easier than dealing with REAL policy.

Ross said...

Even if this one is a no go, voters now know how Goff feels, and some of them will be very happy he made his statement. There is no such thing as bad publicity in politics

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Ask that 'Don't you know who I am' fellow whose name escapes me. Was it Gilmore?