Monday, February 15, 2016


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No need to elaborate.

Mayor Lianne Dalziel  confirmed her stupidity by claiming yesterday's very unsettling quake came "without warning" in an interview with Mike Hosking Newtalk ZB this morning

Umm moron, unless I am completely shut out of official notification processes I have absolutely no record of a warning for any of the more than  fifteen thousand tremors since September 4th 2011.

Yesterday was somewhat unexpected both in intensity and magnitude but without warning, sheesh.


Noel said...

Aw the earthquake originated on a previously unknown fault.
Known faults have monitors which enable a possible prediction.
Those predictions are well publicised and it is estimated there is a 42 percent chance of a 5.2. to 5.9 on those faults during 2016.

"Yesterday was somewhat unexpected both in intensity and magnitude but without warning"

Sounds logical to me.

Anonymous said...

How coincidental.

The previous post featured a photo of Godley Head.

This post, ungodly head. (previous faults not unknown)

gravedodger said...

Yeah noel just as research suggests a massive rupture on the alpine fault will have enormous potential for disaster, the more time that passes the sooner that "prediction" will be fulfilled.
However I am 100% certain it will come without warning just as the next GFC, The next nuclear war, the coming Islamic invasion will all surprise many who are blissfully unaware.
Earthquakes still have the glorious uncertainty about them and just as with most death events that is in many ways a blessing.
Ruapehu crater lake has an ability to warn of eruption but not all changes fulfil and some active emissions from its vent have a very short warning time frame or mean zilch.

Hows about instead of her mindless blather about a warning from Gaia, she had been brimming with confidence how Canterbury people were so much better prepared and equipped to deal with such disaster.
How bout a slipper for the morons who for very lamentable reasons want to keep a primary school right under a bluff of vocanic rock at Redcliffs. A cynic might ask why the name Redcliffs even exists.

Anonymous said...

At least you have the name of the suburb right this time though you still haven't corrected the name of the school. It's Redcliffs School and not "red cliffs School".
Despite what you would like to have us believe the school is not "right under a bluff of volcanic rock". There is a considerable distance between the foot of the cliff and the school and a sturdy bund is insisted upon to protect the school before it reopens.
To denigrate those who want the school to return to its present site as "morons" ill becomes you. For the most part they are the parents of pupils there and would, under no circumstances, place their children at risk. Should there be an earthquake powerful enough to destroy Redcliffs School it would also destroy every other school in Christchurch if not the entire South Island.

Anonymous said...

Godley Head and ungodly head. Very clever indeed and commendable.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm always suspicious of vague phrases like 'considerable distance' and 'a sturdy bund.'

Please tell me how many metres distant is the cliff and how many feet high is said bund, constructed of what materials?

No parent (other than a moron) would expose his children to risk so until I get better information I'm on Gravy's side in the moronic stakes.

Angry Tory said...

The GFC can with a warning: communist policies in the US & EU.

Then we elected a Labour mayor - who is surprised?

Big Bruv said...

Be fair Dodger, she was probably still pissed.

Arthur.F. said...

Did you actually listen to what she said?