Monday, February 1, 2016

Chalk and Cheese

It seems in Australia  the faux Liberals in government are spewing because the straight shooter former PM pledged Australia's support for the BB should she apply for the top UN job, rather than the earwax eating nose picker who thinks he might have a chance.

(You can see I've been taking lesson from Gravedodger.)

The fact of the matter is, Rudd was a hopeless failure on all counts as a prime minister while Clark was brilliantly successful.  Rudd was a loose cannon who was despised by most of his cabinet and staff.  He was not respected.  What ever you may think of Helen Clark, she has considerable ability and experience running large organizations and in my view she would be a thousand times better candidate than the despicable Rudd.

It will we interesting to see how the weak and vacillating Malcolm Turnbull handles this one.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Clark made opposing the left a worthy and challenging activity. Now you wonder whether to give their ideas any consideration and criticism.

Ross said...

"Clark was brilliantly successful."

You cannot be serious. She left the organisation she led (the Labour Party) as a total shambles with greatly reduced public support.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Yes she did but that does not alter the fact that she was a hugely successful PM and organizer. Unlike Rudd who was hated, despised and, eventually, run out of town by his own party.

Angry Tory said...

"Clark was brilliantly successfu

Yep. She's been out of the Beehive for what, seven years, and every single one of her polices are still in place.

Except for flag changes. and gay marriage. and benefit cuts. and bailouts to the Unions Smelter. and bribes to Saudis.

those are Key's policies. All the rest are still Hellens.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


I think you'll find they were benefit INCREASES.

Anonymous said...

"Clark was brilliantly successful"

Trough feeders MP pension for life.
Additional 62.000 salary for been a PM with free flights, corporate taxis and other tit bits for the rest of her life.
Plus 500,000 per annum at the UN.

Yup pretty successful eh!

Angry Tory said...

I think you'll find they were benefit INCREASES.

oh shit, of course they were. but that would be Key was even more left than Klark!

next you'll tell me Labour left NZ in the black, running surpluses every year,
and Key left NZ more deeply in the red than ever before...

Don't tell me Kathryn Ryan was right all those years ago when she called Key a communist to his face?