Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It doesn't fit our agenda.

John Andrew Howland father of Jayden Andrews Howland  deceased ( died on February 22 2011 as a result of injuries sustained when masonry crushed his bus, aged 15) is not anything close to what The Media Party are claiming in portraying what provoked the scurrilous attack on The Hon Gerry Brownlee as the Fifth anniversary remembrance service in the Botanical Gardens was breaking up.

TMP would want you to believe that this wretched man facing what would have been his son's 20th birthday was motivated by apparent failings of the Government in their response to the disaster that has variously had a seriously deleterious effect on many thousands of current resident and now departed or dead victims of that tumultuous day.

Whaleoil and Kiwiblog have some interesting background.

Mr Howland currently lives in Greymouth on the opposite SI coast from Christchurch.
It is alleged he had no property damage from the event and therefore no insurance issues  awaiting resolution.
His Son was in the care of an Aunt who had actually suffered grievously with her house subsequently red zoned while coping with Jayden's death while he had been living with her.
Mr Howland is about to commence a Home Detention sentence for having multiple child pornographic images on his PC.
He has seven convictions for such images on a personal computer.

OK so published reports of the actual contents of the two litre container he dumped on Mr Brownlee in what was a planned attack, had ingredients common in many kitchen pantries so no actual serious intent to cause actual bodily harm. Who knew that at the time, only the  one deranged individual.
However as the US commenter suggested with regard to  the dildo tosser, in his country she could have been shot and justifiably so.
With the benefit of hindsight was Plod's decision not to charge her, a contributing factor that further emboldened this sick man.

People suggest that I am just a grumpy old man and there is plenty of evidence to support that theory but here is a glaring example of bias against anything that might be in any way connected to John Key and or his government, with a manufactured  pile of attempted sympathy inducing garbage and an almost total absence of facts that make the actions of this clearly damaged person merely those of a sicko and no actual connection to a  politically motivated activity.

Brownlee with his request to security to  just let the man go and the Aunt who has possibly put up with far too much from this warped mind are those who are emerging with their reputations intact while the moronic media manipulators are being exposed as the charlatans they really are.

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The Veteran said...

The MSM treatment of this story is KDS taken to the extreme ... and more of it on TV1 tonite.

Still, if the media want to fawn over some semi-illiterate nobody with a criminal record for the possession of Child porn, disowned by the Aunt who took care of his boy when he couldn't/wouldn't, then their integrity (if they had any to start with) goes out the window.

Actually this guy needs help on several differing levels and the media playing to him will likely make the situation worse.