Sunday, January 10, 2016


It is often claimed "the first casualty in war is the truth".

Amidst many reports of sexual harassment, theft, common assault across European cities, with a concentration around New Years Eve, the attempt by media and their political masters to suppress the unravelling truth is nothing short of abrogation of duty and outright treachery.

Even  Switzerland, the country that successfully remained "neutral" during WW2 and the accompanying Holocaust, is being swept up in the growing tsunami of mob rule by thousands of young males hunting in packs and euphemistically described as having darker skin and a "North African resemblance".

Does anyone with more than four functioning brain cells and a modicum of educational standard from our free society systems, seriously not understand that having over a million males aged between around 15 and 50, possessing a very warped and anachronistic attitude to the other half of the population,  flooding across the borders of Europe will not eventually have the basic biological urges rise up and cause mayhem.

While accepting that Frau Merkell has no children and also accepting such an outcome can be easily preventable, it defies logic that the woman twice married does not have a basic understanding of the powerful emotions coursing through the bodies of males in situations of enforced abstinence.
Add in alcohol, and an attitude to women as chattels and second class beings, who amongst the populace does not see an unravelling tidal wave of problems as emerging from reports across Europe,  of young women being subjected to appalling personal assaults ranging from hassling and theft to actual rape, all  slowly being admitted after the clumsiest efforts at suppression in many a year.

We are in a War of religious dimensions and while our elected leaders and the sycophantic media enablers, continue to deny the truth that is as plain as dogs testicles to the peasants who are going to be the next victims in that war, is it too much to demand some probity, honesty and clear assessments of the reality that exists from our servants who we reward handsomely.

Yes the truth will have much egg on face for many but at a time when leadership is paramount could some with the cojones, not embrace a little statesmanship and do the right thing, bugger the sensitivities of adherents of a religion still embedded in times of one and a half millennia past and the utterings of a  megalomaniac paedophile warmongering prophet who relies on such silence and prohibitions to perpetrate the dogmatic garbage masquerading as a religion.


Souvlaki said...

Hear hear ! Send this to Key et al...all in need of a testosterone implant !!!

The Veteran said...

Souviaki ... one suspects there is a deal of difference between the German situation where Merkell has encouraged the mass migration of all and sundry without even the most basic of vetting checks and no attempt to integrate them into society and the NZL situation where we are accepting a defined and modest number of refugees, vetted by UNHCR, and transited through the Mangere Refugee Center where they are taught basic NZL living skills before being allowed to go their own way (with further help available if needed).

Chalk and cheese really.

Souvlaki said...

I hope you're correct. However, my personal experience of Somalian refugees coming through Mangere is that their assimilation to our way of life, can charitably be described as "sub optimal ". :-(

Noel said...

Something odd about this one. No social media cell phone pics and given some are claimed to have occurred in public places no CCTV footage. As I said strange.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... errrrrrrr, except for the 'resignation'? of the police chief.

Noel said...

"The attackers were among about 1,000 men gathered at Cologne's central train station, some of whom broke off into small groups and surrounded women, groping them and stealing their purses, cell phones and other belongings, according to authorities and witness reports. There are also two allegations of rape."

Noel said...

"Mr Albers issued a statement insisting that he had been right not to blame particular ethnic groups until there was firm evidence. But Ralf J√§ger, interior minister for the North-Rhine-Westphalia region that includes Cologne, said: “My decision [to suspend Mr Albers] is now necessary to win back the trust of the public and the effectiveness of the Cologne police [ahead of the forthcoming demonstrations].”

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Scapegoat, Scapegoat, Scapegoat, Scapegoat.

Anonymous said...

What we know. Something bad happened to a small group of women. That's it.

A few young women came forward on the night with two of them in distress 160 women did not report the "severe groping' until two days later. One has since been charged with insurance offences over stolen goods and yes there were a lot phones nicked that night as there was in London.

The media worked itself into frenzy so lets wait until the investigation is complete.

What does not gel is that witnesses said in the initial police report stating that everyone was quite drunk and they found many empty bottles. This does not seem to be Muslim crusade against the decadent west as one of the prime tenants of Islam is to abstain from alcohol. My German friends (who were not there) are betting it was mainly Turks who have been Guestworkers in Germany for fifty years.

Just to put it into perspective there were 720 sexual assaults reported on the London underground last year....pesky Muslims are everywhere.

Wait until information is forthcoming as dripping yolk on face is not a pretty sight.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Noel said...

"Of the 32 suspects, nine were Algerian, eight Moroccan, five Iranian, and four Syrian. Three German citizens, an Iraqi, a Serb and a U.S. citizen were also identified."

gravedodger said...

LEN I might be thought old fashioned but IMEHO, one unwanted assault whether sexual economic or whatever you choose to enable is one too many.

We should be free to enjoy freedom without some retard failing to exert self control and behave within the norms of 2016 standards.

However I assume those rooted in the sixth century norms of women being chattels that is somewhat moot.

Just don't attempt anything within my immediate presence as it might end badly but if that applies to me personally I wont be worried, alternatively it might be the moron who underestimates an old man who was thought of no significance t hen I will be quietly smug.

Merkell has been somewhat lacking in discharging her responsibilities of office in her response to the over one million young men who have accepted her apparent open ended invitation to settle in her country. Forget the other lessor members of the somewhat challenged European Union, they were already under serious threat and her efforts will be judged harshly by history.

In Lill ole NZ we have been suffering endless column inches over the penchant of our PM inappropriately touching a ponytail of a waitress he had an ongoing familiarity with but I consider the groping and mauling of a total stranger to be somewhat of an upgrading of such matters while the MSM seem unmoved.

Anonymous said...

There are now 576 claims of sexual assault outside Cologne railway station. Given that the initial polices estimation of the crowd was a thousand one wonders if the German compo system resembles ours. There is something going on here

Anonymous said...

Seems straightforward. A mostly swarthy tinted mob gets pissed and tries their hand at molestation in public. Ugly scene develops. Cops respond and are overwhelmed, can't clear the area with suppressing fire from water cannon - too many public mixed in and surrounded. Resort to individual arrests and the pokies fill up. Skirmishes continue until early hours. Public outrage, head cop resigns. Tinted folks smug in that they can't be exiled.
It won't be long before the 'migrants' find the Hun is a tighter knit species than what they have been led to believe. Look forward to counter actions by ready-reaction groups, probably using volunteer local women as bait.