Wednesday, January 20, 2016


So last at times during last April there was no police person on duty in Wanaka, Motueka and Kaitaia.

I have a little wager that there might just have been a road 'Tax' collector not too far away with police radio, probable cell phone coverage, operational and or an off duty officer also potentially available.

Meanwhile in the real world Mr Pin Striped Dwarf of St Marys Bay, how many days has the Far North had a resident, available Member Of Parliament on duty and available since the replacement of Mr Sabin created a massive re-allocation of national representation that threw the intended proportional representation into disarray preventing the promised and widely supported review of the Resource management Act.

Now back to the real world that the Plebs occupy, forget for a moment where the road patrols might have been, was there a police presence available in Cromwell just down the road from Wanaka, police resources in Nelson a short drive away, and we will not even think where a plod might be around Kaitaia.

There are many localities in this country that at almost all times do not have a representative of the constabulary just waiting for a crime spree to erupt and maybe, just maybe in April, things might be a bit quiet  on many days in many places.
Just because a union numpty has discovered a grand conspiracy  needing to be exposed for political purposes, it could be a good use of resources to not cover police resources taking time off from the sometimes massive imbalances that can occur with accumulated leave.

One thing is of greater concern to me Mr sometime regular Green Parrot attendee, some might view the anecdotally suggested  neglect perpetrated by an elected MP to be perhaps of equal if not greater moment.
Also the enforced abandonment of a long needed review of the very worst rorts available under the now seriously flawed RMA that you were able to prevent any changes to,  is a clear and present danger.

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